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  1. Seeing some signs of life finishing leftover work being done on the NV towers. The tower on Rt 4 in Burlington at the high school is now broadcasting LTE, also the one in Canton where Rt 44, 202 and 179 meet is finally LTE too. Fairly recent turned on, just went thru the Canton one within the last month and was definitely still 3G. Mapped it on Sensorly.
  2. Interesting, my S3 picks it up no problem all over the Hartford area now. My commute is along the edge of the coverage area and its getting annoying that it keeps bouncing in and out of coverage since I still have the signal check alert set. Have you tried a PRL update?
  3. Saw it, explains why signal check has my phone vibrating in weird locations on my way to work lately. Bring on the Band 41
  4. Yes they are, picked up LTE in Canton where RT 177 meets RT 44 on the way home tonight
  5. Picked it up fine Wednesday in Wallingford right where RT68 meets the Wilbur Cross, stock S3 with 25017
  6. Yeah but based on what people are seeing they are apparently actively testing 4G, thats a good thing
  7. Looks like something went live near Maple Ave in Hartford, finally a tower in the capital city
  8. Someone must have caught some system testing, that means it should hopefully be live soon!
  9. Make a donation here and you'll get access to the tower maps telling you exactly what ones are accepted so you know what direction to head in to map. Saves you driving around and as a bonus helps keep this place running. fyi robert is in the process of moving so you might not get activated immediately...
  10. I actually mapped that turnpike section a few weeks ago on my way thru, that section is way south of the sprint store & Newington. Still in the Meriden (southern market) section of the turnpike where there are few stores,etc. I had turned off mapping so there is still more to be mapped there, heading south, since I had to reload sensorly, etc.
  11. Wasn't at the time, they turned it on since then.
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