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  1. Well sorry guys but it makes me feel a lil better knowing im not the only one with horrible data.. Im in warwick/west warwick area and my 3g is horrible.. Im pretty upset over this because i pay for 4g data and there is none.. I really woulnt even care much if my 3g was good but my 3g is so bad it not even funny.. my last 2 phone have been LTE phones but still no LTE.. I think sprint should let users that have no LTE and bad 3g out of the contact without paying the ETF 350$ which is very high.. I used to love sprint but the past years or so has been bad.. Its not rite.. I would just got to at&t or tmobile and have great 4g.. I sat next to a friend that has at&t and we both downloaded the sam app from play store and on his phone the app took 20 secs to download and on mine sprint 3g took about 12 mins..lol.. i though maybe getting a new phone would help just a lil and nope! just got the galaxy s4 and still no good.. somethings gotta give
  2. No.. Sorry.. I dont have 20$.. If i did I would for sure.. Im out of work and have child support.. rent.. ect..
  3. Ok so if I become a sponsor I can see diff maps?? How long does it take to become a sponsor after u donate?
  4. Yea I dont have extra money rite now or I would donate..
  5. whats really goin on? i figured there would be better 3g and some LTE in Rhode Island.. think its been 4 months since they said it started in my state.. and havent seen isshh well i was on the highway in pawtucket and get LTE for 30 sec.. other then that i get the worst 3g ever.. its sad really sometimes it takes 20 mins for a app to download.. that bad.. i should have kept my evo 3d because i had great 4g wimax in my house in all around my city.. i get the evo 4g lte and now i get nada.. seems like my 3g has gotten alot worse.. im not happy
  6. whats really going on in RI? are they still doin work? they started 4 months ago and still nada.. i got good 3g for about 2 weeks out of the 4 months
  7. well i was getting good 3g for about 2-3 weeks now its back to stright crap!
  8. gesshh!! that is pretty good i was getting 1.00 MB/S the other day and i was souped! i got LTE the other day in pawtucket was on the highway only lasted like 1-2 mins but i was so happy to see it light up on my status bar.. if u go on sprints website and find the coverage section and check RI u can see on the map that central falls/pawtucket area LTE is lighting up.. wish they would start down my end.. lol
  9. im in the warwick/ west warwick area and i noticed 3g much better then it has been..
  10. yea somedays 3g is good and some days its not.. a few months ago i was getting the worst 3g ever and it lasted about 3 weeks.. i was going crazy but it seems to be getting better. i live in warwick RI and warwick is one of the places they are putting LTE i think it said providence..warwick.. newport.. cranston.. mite be missing one or two more.. i used to get 4g wimax in my house.. so i went from getting good 4g to no 4g and not so good 3g!! i cant wait till i see some good speeds
  11. im gonna do a back flip when i see lte on my evo LTE!!!
  12. is there anyway of finding out how far along they are in my state?? still praying for a 4g signal
  13. i wish we knew around what date/month we will start seeing LTE in RI.. its been about 2 months since they started i think? it will be nice to have LTE on my Evo 4g LTE!!!
  14. yea man i cant wait to see the lil LTE icon at in my status bar!! a friend was getting LTE the other day on the RI/MA line.. i kno some of MA has LTE now..
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