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Found 4 results

  1. I have been looking and reading on the internet for months and not once have i seen any talk of Rhode Island getting LTE?? anyone kno where i can get a lil info on when my state mite get LTE?? thanks
  2. My daughter has an Iphone 5 and lives in Lawrence KS, where Sprint has LTE service. She called the other day and said her phone was only connecting 3G. Using my experience with the HTC EVO LTE and its connection issues, I told her to toggle the airplane mode. Eureka, it immediately connected to 4G. Seems like the connection algorithm is not perfect on the Iphone 5 either.
  3. At least he changed his mind about Sprint banckrupcy risks... http://www.bizjourna...w-downside.html
  4. I thought I would check the sprint network coverage map and to my surprise it shows "coverage" area for LTE. It says the coverage information was updated on 7/13/12. Does anyone have any idea how accurate this is? Is this the coverage after NV is completed? Reason i ask is because it seems like most of Houston is already covered. Obviously nowhere near all the tower upgrades complete, but have they replaced enough already to give the kind of coverage that is on the network map? Thanks, Trent
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