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  1. There is that one, but more specifically I was talking about the one on 65 right by Cheese Factory Road. There are a few of them that I think are really messy for upgrades and it's pretty annoying because the competition all has LTE in those areas.
  2. I am pretty sure the one tower I was wishing desperately they would upgrade for a while was built into a silo on a piece of farm property on top of a hill. Pretty ingenious, but if it's causing upgrade problems...
  3. There is still no LTE in Honeoye Falls, where I used to live, or in Victor, once you leave Eastview Mall.
  4. I have also witnessed band 26 in other parts of the state, nothing yet in Rochester though. Also, band 25 speeds are starting to get pretty crowded and dire in town, though band 41 is still pretty great where you can find it. Anything to add LTE coverage for Sprint in the area would make a huge difference, be it for range or capacity. I'm also curious if Sprint ever plans to upgrade the towers in the suburbs which still don't have LTE. Lots of those customers don't even view Sprint as an option anymore because the duopoly has had LTE in these areas for years. All in all, don't re
  5. I have not yet gotten the OTA on my Nexus 5, but I tend to lose patience and just install it the hard way. I really want to know if Android M will bring WiFi calling support to my phone, has anyone who has done the update seen anything like this? I read some stuff saying that Android M is supposed to include this feature, but it is carrier dependent.
  6. That is cool. Is this carrier aggregation at work?
  7. Kodak still has large swaths of tape in warehouses, I believe before they stopped manufacturing they over produced and stored enough for what they considered to be 100 years of sales. The film I'm talking about is the expensive stuff previously (and sometimes still, though increasingly not) used in movies. I don't think they'll probably get the chance to sell most of it, though. Kodak had a pretty terrible time with the advent of digital imagery in general, and their huge film stock is just another ironic piece of "imagery" illustrating their failure to predict the influence of digital cameras
  8. There is still a lot going on in the optics field in the area though, including research done by the University of Rochester, as well as other optics based companies around here. The city is definitely an anomaly, though.
  9. It's still a pretty noteable optics hub, and is economically more diversified than most other cities in New York. I live practically right next to Murphy's Law and I've never dropped LTE around here on my Nexus 5, not even in Murphy's Law. I have issues with slow ass speeds during the day because the network is crowded as hell, but other than that I can't say I've shared your experience around this specific area.
  10. I moved to the city, with plenty of LTE coverage everywhere now. I am hoping the big push includes more band 41! :-D
  11. Yeah, I think our quick rollout of spark in lots of areas had to do with Rochester having had an active wimax network though. So some older but faster backhaul was probably already in place at clear sites. We are miles ahead of where we could be, though! And damn fast in lots of places now too.
  12. The band 41 is pretty kick-ass when you can find it though, to give credit where it's due. I was actually in the other side of the state this weekend, over towards the Amsterdam-Schenectady area and the active band 26 over there is actually amazing. Being able to hold an LTE signal inside is Sprint's biggest weakness right now, and as soon as they can deploy band 26 in Rochester it's actually going to make a huge difference.
  13. I have TWC, I'm just south of Rochester but I think mine runs out of Batavia, no issues with cable, Internet, or Sprint today.
  14. I do not like T Mobile and would never ditch Sprint for them, but if there's one thing I hope it manages to accomplish it's putting a sense of urgency on Sprint for expanding their LTE footprint. Hoping that if anything pushes Sprint to expand its LTE footprint to where I live, it'll probably be T Mobile getting coverage there first. It doesn't quite feel to me like Sprint is truly competitive with the duopoly footprint-wise yet, as both VZW and AT&T have had LTE where I live for a really long time. However, I feel like they don't even need to be, because I could never change to them eithe
  15. I didn't even realize there was a lite! Hopefully it's good.
  16. I really like signal check pro, but it's not free. Totally worth it though, you can set it to show proper dBm signal strengths static in the notification bar.
  17. Once you head away from the more heavily populated areas, I would guess most of the sites don't have the appropriate backhaul for LTE and won't be completed for a while yet. I'm not sure what kind of priority these sites have for Sprint, but I know they will get LTE eventually. I am in the same boat as you, just waiting for the sites near me to get appropriate backhaul.
  18. I just hope it sticks and the capacity stays solid once it becomes more crowded.
  19. I wish I could say more about what there is in the market. The premier sponsor area is really heavy on the information, it's pretty awesome. You should donate and get into it!
  20. Yeah, I live in Honeoye Falls, one of the cell towers in town is built into a big silo and is probably a problem site, and the other one is in the middle of a random field and I doubt that's getting fiber backhaul anytime soon, so I'm likely stuck this way for a while. My friend has a g3, it has the best screen I've ever seen on a smartphone.
  21. Worth it man, and the g3 is a pretty sweet phone too if you like the one you've got. I haven't even got normal lte where I live yet, I'm too far south. It's a bummer :-(
  22. Yeah, I've been running the Nexus 5 for a while now. It's a great phone, totally psyched for Android 5.0 update. I went to visit NYC this past summer and I got some crazy speeds on the Spark network, excited for it in Rochester.
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