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  1. I can say from experience I've had LTE working in Greece. There are parts of it not lit up, and other parts it is spotty. Also, the network is relatively crowded for Sprint's small 5x5 array compared to other carriers. Sprint deployed later than the duopoly, which is why they are "not working" there. You might want to check your device if you've had no LTE in any of Greece, because it's definitely there.
  2. When you are in a call with HD voice, does the other person hear you with it and can you hear them with it? It's the difficult part to tell from what I've read on this thread and others, because there's no real indicator as to what kind of audio you or the other person is actually getting. Supposedly, it's pretty obvious when you hear it, but I haven't heard it so I'm not sure.
  3. I also use Google Voice integration and am very curious as to whether making or receiving calls through this service causes a loss of HD voice quality in a similar fashion to if calling a phone on a different network. It would seem as if this would be the case, since all the calls are routed through a separate service, but it could also be set up such that Google has purposely included the ability for wideband audio to pass through uninhibited. Unfortunately, I don't have the capacity to test because I don't know many other Sprint users. If anyone does get the chance to see if HD Voice works through a Google Voice call, I'd love to hear about it.
  4. That little dot on sensorly in Honeoye Falls I put there, it was the one single spot I was able to get an LTE signal all the way from the tower on Martin Road off 390. I am still thoroughly confused how I was able to grab the signal and keep it in that one spot but who knows. It is just strong enough for my s3 to hold onto without dropping.
  5. Passing through Dansville, NY today on a trailways bus and snagged this speedtest. This is for anyone who discovers this thread who actually ventures that far south! Cheers! Sent from my Galaxy SIII using Tapatalk 4
  6. Unfortunately, they aren't really informed by default of all of the technical details because it can add to the confusion when dealing with customers. To clarify, the Clear LTE will likely be deployed here long before any 800 mHz LTE or voice because of the IBEZ. It does not mean we will not ever get it, it simply means that before they can do anything within so many miles of the Canadian border, an international agreement has to be made. This could take many years and there isn't ever any guarantee. Eventually, however, it probably will happen and we'll get the good stuff.
  7. I have it installed, the signal was between moderate and strong. I would say between -85 to -95dbm the whole time. I think it's just very crowded.
  8. I was around Henrietta today and the best speeds I was seeing on LTE was around 2.5 mbps on the download and 3 or 4 on the upload. I am hoping there is still tweaking to be done to see something a little bit faster, but that is definitely more usable than Sprint 3G ever was so I'm not going to complain.
  9. I personally give people a lot of slack on Mondays...
  10. Yes, and they already are in lots of places. Beyond being carrier #3 in the country in terms of subscribers, they are one of only 2 nationwide carriers to offer unlimited data, and have network performance superior to the duopoly in some markets now. Furthermore, as these two gentleman have been discussing, AT&T is poised to struggle unless they score big at an upcoming AWS-3 spectrum auction, because they simply don't have the radio space to deploy enough LTE carriers to keep truly competitive Personally, I agree with Robert. For comedy's sake, I'd love to see AT&T become the slowest LTE network in the country. For a while now their ads have completely centered on being the fastest (that whole "faster is better" thing in the commercial with the little kids). I might die laughing when I see what AT&T's advertising comes up with when they become the target of their own crosshairs. By the way, this is why mudslinging against others to try and promote yourself is always a bad idea. It never takes much for the tables to turn and then you just look like a fool. Poor foolish AT&T. Well, not exactly poor...... yet.
  11. Ah yes, I understand now. I didn't realize there were markets where they had more than 10MHz to deploy. I certainly wish more people understood the performance Sprint is capable of in high population areas like cities simply because of the vast Clear spectrum holdings. I honestly cannot wait to see the day when smartphones are using 20GB of data a month and all the other providers literally choke with the limited spectrum for new carriers. It has nothing to do with Rochester yet, but it'll be awesome to see a Sprint that says to its customers "we want you to use our network because it can handle it, unlike those other guys!" Maybe in about five years, if that, at the rate things are going? NV 1.0 to being Sprint alongside its competitors, NV 2.0 to blow them away. On another note, now that the weather has broken back into a little bit of a warm spell, do you think we ought to see some more backhaul upgrades and therefore 4G acceptances around? I am also curious as to whether or not most of the sites that have been done have had fiber backhaul installed versus microwave. Is microwave more of an out of the city type thing? I imagine that would be less common but also less dependant on weather? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  12. Do you mean that VZW has 20MHz of available contiguous spectrum to build an LTE network like Sprint and T Mobile? I wasn't aware of this, I thought they were just adding another 10MHz channel on some other band to supplement their 10MHz on 750. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  13. I totally agree with this, 18Mbps on a cap just means you can burn through your limit faster, what's the point? I know I have friends on Verizon and AT&T now who run through their data caps in two weeks. They sit there and tell me how fast it is, and are reluctant to add the fact that they're unable to use their smartphone as a smartphone without wifi for the rest of the month. Meanwhile, I chug along with my 2Mbps Sprint 3G, streaming Pandora, watching Netflix, and attracting jealous stares.... With Sprint, the PCS LTE is kind of a mixed bag in terms of starting performance. You don't have the extended coverage of the LTE 800 that's coming, and you miss the mark on the blazing speeds to come with LTE on the Clear spectrum, so it's easy to put it down compared to a fully mature VZW 750 LTE. However, Sprint has resources at the moment unlike any other carrier in the country, and both better signal in more places as well as faster possible speeds compared to any other LTE carrier in the nation are in the works. And it's unlimited, but I said that already ;-) Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  14. Whoa! That's actually pretty exciting news for me :-D Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  15. Windstream, Paetec, Midtown Plaza..... That whole thing is an eye sore
  16. This probably is due to the fact that they were behind on starting work on the market, there were quite a few delays before we actually saw stuff getting done is what I mean. I find it particularly impressive considering the weather we have been having as of late! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  17. I'm curious exactly what you would use for streaming if you could? I have contemplated trying the slingbox, seems pretty cool but a bit finicky because it depends on your home cable/internet. Also, the app for it is extremely expensive although it is just a tack on for the initial cost. I have heard that DirecTV has a really good app for watching TV on a mobile device if you are a subscriber.
  18. EDGE on T-Mo is not even comparable to EV-DO on Sprint, and EDGE is all you get with them if you leave populated areas. I live in the Mendon area T-Mobile has no 3G coverage anywhere directly south of Henrietta. I will take even half a megabit Sprint over that, and now that NV is rolling out I get two megabit speeds on Sprint EV-DO in my area. LTE will also be nice when it gets here, that will never happen with T-Mobile, not in the foreseeable future anyway.
  19. Perhaps even a bit "pink"? The Nation's Fastest Gastrointestinal Disorder.
  20. I agree with this really, most of the tasks that can be done on a phone can be accomplished fine with just average speed 3G from 1 to 2 megabits/sec. However, for me especially, I tend to use my phone for tethering (paid for and metered of course), and the biggest thing LTE would bring for me is lower pings. I use Sprint 3G at my job for gaming (always-online things like Diablo 3) when things get really slow and it tends to work alright but the pings on 3G are much less consistent and in general much higher than on 4G LTE which makes things a bit hairy sometimes. All of my personal use case aside, it will be nice anyway to have the network technology that these amazing devices are capable of using built out anyway simply because as johnd said, we are paying for it.
  21. I noticed on sensorly some LTE coverage showing at the intersection between routes 5/20 and 390. I think there is a tower over there going a little bit towards Lima. I know not many people here are active so far south but does anyone know anything about work down there? I'm in the Honeoye Falls area most of the time and any hints of progress in the general area make me excited! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  22. And no, they're not allowed in Rochester, this market's too good to have non-upgraded sites. WE UPGRADE THEM ALL, FASTER, FASTER, FASTER, WIN, WIN, WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Whoaaaaa, any other sponsors here check out the maps this morning? Mother lode of Rochester LTE site acceptances. Hella exciting, folks! That's what I like to see
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