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Sgt. Slaughter

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prolly should of put this in the pre order thread but wanted to make sure this nonsense was seen.






...Sprint plans to initially release the new Evo in parts of Texas, Georgia, Florida (just Miami), Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, New York, Northern California and the Washington, D.C. metro area (see update below). The phone goes on sale at 8:00 a.m. local time on Thursday, May 18 in Sprint Stores...



Someone please tell me im not crazy for thinking this is the most nonsense article ever written...lol

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those are stores that are opening at 8 am



yeah thats what I thought....too bad the guy that wrote the article seems to not know what hes talking about at all. lol


love it when people write things without thinking or read wayyyyy too much into what actual is fact...


kinda like this one does too:



Even though the incredible 4G seems to have a few things that it lacks compared to the One X, it does have an unlocked bootloader which the One X does not....


yeah big difference in unlocked bootloader and a unlockable one through HTC...lol or really big difference b/w S-ON and S-OFF. haha. willing to bet the person herd it was going to be allowed to be unlocked and just inferred the rest...smh

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