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Samsung Tab S9 Plus


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The 5g versions currently are only available on Verizon, AT&T, and US Cellular.  Anyone heard any rumors if/when T-Moble will join the scrum?

If not, is it possible to get an approved version and unlock the device- connect it to T-Moble network AND have it work?  Of course, part of that is- would T-Mobile accept such a transfer?

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I gave this ten days, however while some dozens have viewed question no one has ventured any response.

So I'm going small and buying a Tab S8+ 5g LTE T-Mobile model.  Several days ago I checked out Samsung Direct and they were selling that model for $1100 and even returning my S7 FE I only would get $185 credit, net $915 cost.  However just yesterday Samsung pulled all their S8+ 5g LTE tablet options so only the S9+ 5g LTE 'non' TMobile tablets are available.  Bummer!

Well, Amazon to the rescue!  A highly rated seller has NEW S8+ yadda yadda T-Mobile tablets.  And for hundreds less than Samsung.  Should be getting mine tomorrow- knock on wood.

So, topic closed I guess...  UNLESS someone comes up with answer for other inquiring minds.

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Yeah, I just don't know much about tablets myself.  Glad you have been able to come up with a plan.


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