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MobileX Beta Launches


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    • It means that if they ever cancel the discount or you lose it on whatever grounds they may come up with, or maybe add lines that they deem not eligible for the discount, you will be paying a much higher price. I am not saying that is necessarily going to happen, or is their motivation,  but I am a bit suspicious.
    • Solid choice ha. I'm waiting for the S23 Ultra 
    • Shit..as much as i hate to admit it......you're not wrong.  Heard. Loud and clear. 
    • I spent TWO HOURS at best buy in Buckhead today and did finally switch it for the S22 Ultra.....which I'm kinda planning on marrying.  I'm quite content with the upgrade (see what I did there?).  P.s.  it definitely works all over without wifi.  Been doing it all evening. 
    • From what I've read, T-Mobile's backend might be even worse, given that it regularly goes down and doesn't allow retail transactions. I don't have any memory of Sprint's biller being like that. The migration is more intense on the receiving side; you just need to pull data from the old biller. I HAVE noticed that they changed how my old Framily plan displays its monthly cost on the Sprint side. Instead of a crossed out $55 with $25, it's a crossed out $75 with a $45 (to include the $20 unlimited data option). Maybe that is to help the process which will have to pull the data?  
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