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Casa Pebble and VOLTE


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Is there any why I can tell if volte has been enabled for me?  I've been told it takes a couple of weeks for this to be enabled with a new Pebble.  It been about four weeks with no unplugging or power outages.

Also, I have a solid green light on the Pebble but when I make a call it does not flash green like I have heard it should.  Sprint confirmed that my phone is connected to the Pebble.

One more thing - it would be really nice to have a separate thread just for the Pebble.  The "Official Airave 4 LTE / Casa Pebble / Airave 3 LTE / S1000 Thread" gets all mucked up.  You start to follow in issue and someone else sumbits a new issue and the one you were looking at gets lost in the mess.


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Turn off wifi and make a call. Does your phone still display LTE? If so, then VoLTE is enabled. If not, and your phone is connected to it (you can use an app like Signal Check to confirm), then it's not enabled.

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