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Anyone else having issues with Google Voice? (8/21/20)


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I'm trying to make a call from my PC/web session, and suddenly today I can't call out for some reason.  Even if I manually type in a number and then click the lit-up call button, the field just blanks and no call actually engages.  Never experienced this before and it doesn't appear Google has any sort of technical support line you can call about it (or, at least I couldn't find such immediately, they just have their 'community' portal it looks like).

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Appears its happening to many....anyone willing, go to this link on the community and upvote this:


The OP started in June but as of today there's been several new posts and the upvotes have jumped from below 20 when I first found it/posted in it to 45 already.

EDIT:  Was notified the above thread was marked as a duplicate issue to this one, and a Platinum Expert at least chimed in on this and confirmed finally that Google is aware/looking into it:


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