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Bulgaria (Munich airport) roaming experience


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Bought a week pass when at the Munich airport coming in for the trip I'm now returning from. Vodafone in the MUC airport, with a mix of B20, B3, and B7. The former two were 20/10 or so speeds, the latter Around 60/30.

Coverage was rather spotty at the Sofia airport, but once I got landside, coverage in and near Sofia was solid, using A1's B3 network. A1, the largest carrier in the country (by a small margin), is apparently trial'ing 3500 MHz 5G-NR, and their network was quite strong at the conference center (National Palace of Culture) and nearby, with speeds reaching 129/27 and about 160ms latency. Carrier aggregation is being used.

Travelled to Plovdiv, where speeds were 30-40 down, 10-20 up. On the way there, and on the way between there and somewhere else we went for a wine tasting, things would sometimes drop to HSPA, at which point no data would pass. But I had LTE most.of the time.

I definitely did too many speedtests though...at 4 and change GB I got throttled to 2 Mbps in each direction in Bulgaria, and maybe 1 Mbps in Germany. I'll definitely only buy day passes the next time I head out of the country, but even throttling data was still reasonable.

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