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Humble request for assistance, for any fellow members willing


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First, I want to state on the front end that if you read this and feel uncomfortable by it, I understand - I've been on the other side of these things myself when I've seen them posted say on Facebook particularly, though I've tended to be more willing to help out here when I've seen them.  I even feel uncomfortable posting it to some extent, but I'm just simply trying to help out family in any way I'm able.  I also want to state that I requested and received Robert's ok to post before just doing this arbitrarily.  Let it be understood that even that being the case, S4GRU is not in any way directly tied to this.  This is just a fellow member asking for help from anyone willing on behalf of family, and again, I just want to stress that if you feel uncomfortable with helping out here, no worries - I totally understand that perspective will exist and apologize up front, because no offense is intended, and none taken by me for anyone that feels this way and moves on to the next post.

With that out of the way:

My wife's niece and her parents are in a real bind right now, and had to resort to the GoFundMe route to try and cover necessary medical expenses for past treatment attempts as well as the last resort treatment for her finally landed on diagnosis of Autoimmune Encephalitis/PANDAS.  For the 'last resort' angle, basically there's a drug treatment that was primarily developed for cancer patients but has around an 80% success rate treating this particular disease.  The initial blood work for her, from what they were told, looks positive in her case that this should be treatable with this method.  The only problem is, the treatments cost $16k a pop, they require the money upfront before they'll administer the treatments, and insurance won't cover a penny of it, at least for someone based in Pennsylvania.  Right now they've raised enough for one treatment, and gotten past it, but they're not where they need to be yet past that for the 2nd one last I've heard.  I think is technically supposed to happen 2 weeks after the first timing-wise

The link to their GoFundMe follows:


First and foremost and above any financial assistance, for anyone of faith and willing to be receptive to that angle (and I understand going in, not everyone will be), and her parents would tell anyone this to their face - they ask for prayer.  True, genuine, heartfelt prayer, because they need a great deal of it - that not only can they finish out this path, but that it actually works, because so far as they're aware, this is their final shot for a resolution.

Past that, if you're willing to donate, that would be greatly appreciated.  If this is something you're sympathetic and you're also not uncomfortable sharing on Facebook with others you know, that would be appreciated as well (there is a button link on the page to do this).   Particularly on the latter however I especially understand if that's beyond the personal comfort level.

And my humble and sincere thanks in advance for anyone just simply taking the time to read.  No responses in the thread are really necessary for my part - again, just trying to help beyond how we already have otherwise by trying to spread to word to anyone willing to help.


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