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WiFi & Mobile Data On Together


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So the other day I was poking around in the Developer Options of my Note 5, and I noticed the option for forcing the Note 5 to keep Mobile Data and WiFi Data on at the same time. (please see the screenshot below)


My question is...If I enable the option to have both WiFi and Mobile Data on together, will my Samsung Note 5 pull data from the mobile data while it is connected to the WiFi or will it simply keep both on and only use Mobile Data when the WiFi either becomes weak or disconnected.


The reason I ask, is that, if I can safely have both WiFi and Mobile Data active at the same time, it would be a big help to some of my more finicky app (like the JET Mobile app I use for my part time job) from hanging and crashing.


Any information or clarification you all could provide would be greatly appreciated.



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It will not use mobile data while connected to WiFi. It just makes handoffs from wifi to mobile data (such as when you move out of wifi coverage) quicker and smoother. Normally there is a slight delay while it brings up the LTE connection. I believe this option has to be enabled for wifi calling voice call continuity (VCC) to work reliability.

The downside is that it will use slightly more battery, since it has to keep the LTE connection active. How much of an impact this will have depends on how strong your mobile signal is. In low signal areas it might have a noticeable difference, but then again it might not.

For what it's worth, it's been enabled by default on my phones for years (Pixel 1, 2, and 3, and possibly the Nexus 6P and 6).

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