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Hi all! Been with Sprint for over 15 years. Back in the day we were able to edit PRL lists and load them onto our devices. Is that still a thing today? I ask because it seems that I cannot successfully roam into other networks with my iPhone XS. Especially when it comes to data. Recently I was a few hours from home in a woodsy area. My friends all had service with different carriers except for me. At times I would show a slight sprint signal and at times I would show no signal whatsoever. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t picking up the signal from another carrier despite enabling roaming in Settings. My text messages and emails would all push through at the same time (randomly) throughout the day but I didn’t have any on demand /usable service .

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You can still edit PRLs with the correct software, but applying them back to a device is another story... I haven't been able to find a way to write a PRL in 5 years. The last phone I was able to do it on was a Galaxy S4.

With newer phones, I believe the PRL is stored on the SIM in some way. Anything that uses a CSIM or ISIM.

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