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How to locate correct tower

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Hey guys. I have a zte pocket wifi that i opened up to find the 2 antenna ports. It is a CA device. I bought the correct adapters and a mimo type directional antenna. I have got it to lock on band 41 in carrier aggregation. Aiming towards a set of 3 or 4 towers. The rsrps are pretty high but the speeds are 15-35 Mbps down. I want to aim it at the correct tower but i dont know which one it is. Ive used antenna search but dont understand the names. Sometimes it wants to jump to other bands and im trying to get it aimed perfectly to stop it from doing that.

I was wondering if someone on here knows which tower it is.

My address is [removed by request]. Im aiming South East towards the town of excelsior.

I have a row of trees so im just aiming blind unless i can imput the exact tower and gps and map it to aim it perfectly.

Thank you.

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Address removed per request.
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There are threads that show how to identify Sprint equipment on towers, so I invite you to check it out sometime. Sometimes the Sprint coverage map can help, but it isn't so helpful in urban areas where site density is better. Another idea if you're able to do so is pitch in a few bucks towards supporting s4GRU . There are maps of Sprint sites and locations in the sponsorship areas.

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I found my tower. Thanks for the help. Could a mod remove this thread? I shouldn't have put an address. Its not really my address it was just an address in the area but should have just posted a cross street instead.

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    • Went to Rolling Loud NYC at Citi Field this weekend. Over 60,000 people in attendance. Verizon is a sponsor of the festival this year so naturally they had a ton of COWs set up at the festival. I counted at least 4. As a result, they were virtually the only carrier consistently able to provide a data connection. I didn't see any Verizon 5G, only LTE. T-Mobile on the other hand was a very interesting experience. I was seeing an eNB 331804 which I'm 99% sure is a COW. They also seems to be doing some sort of traffic management because I noticed that if I left my phone idle in my pocket, it would drop down to No Service/SOS or sometimes it would sit on EDGE. But the second that I needed to send a text, make a call, or even use Twitter my phone would switch over to LTE or 5G to complete the task. In an active data session, my phone would constantly flip between Band 2, Band 66, and Band 41. Sometimes, I'd catch myself on the COW and other times I'd get pushed over to eNB 875868, the relatively new Sprint conversion nearby. The network moved at a snails pace though. Where Verizon took about 15 seconds to load Twitter or send a pic, T-Mobile could take up to a minute to complete the same task. Here's some photos of the COWs I spotted. I think that the first two are Verizon and the one in the distance in the third pic is T-Mobile's single COW, not nearly enough for an event that size.  
    • @dkyeager has written up an article for The Wall on the Auction:   Robert
    • You need to have Wi-Fi Calling enabled and also have made at least one phone call over Wi-Fi Calling prior to using the inflight Wi-Fi.
    • See this page: https://www.sprint.com/en/support/in-flight-texting-wi-fi.html Also see the FAQ’s here: https://www.t-mobile.com/benefits/travel/in-flight-wifi “How do I access In-Flight Connection?”
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