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  1. I'm building modemmanager into openwrt if anyone wants my build. It does mwan3 with multiple modems in load balancing perfectly. You can even do a true IP bridge/passthrough with it. No need for reconnection scripts or anything. Plug and play. I also cross compiled the modemmanager luci protocol. Just click it and a drop down window appears with all the apns in have pre added in for as many carriers I could find. It doesn't disconnect like rooter does either. Here is my build for the 3526 but I can build for any router you want. Just choose the mobile data protocol in the wan. Plu
  2. I'm using this firmware on the mc7455 just fine. The firmware does not mess up the ability to issue at commands. The method in which you flash could put the modem into a different usbcomp which you then need to fix. This only happens when using windows to flash the modem. Use linux instead. A ubuntu boot usb works great if you dont want to install linux. Boot into the "try ubuntu" then use the libqmi firmware update tool and you're done.
  3. You extracted the 1.05 firmware correct? Then just clicked the one single .exe while the modem is plugged in.
  4. You must extract the 1.05 firmware and run the .exe and let it finish, then one click flash the 1.05 firmware then let it come back up. Then one click flash 1.07 twice. Daniel's ubuntu method did not work for mine. I had to do it with windows.
  5. I also had mine get stuck in qdloader. If you haven't gotten it fixed let me know. I have a procedure that unbricks them.
  6. The newest generic firmware for the em7565 is what I'm using. So your em7455 was physically messed up? Using a different em7565 fixed the issue?
  7. Anyone having issues with 3xCA with the em7565? Mine used to work great, then 3 days ago nothing but packet losses once the 3rd carrier kicks in. If I keep it at on 2xca all is well.
  8. I tried to edit my last post to include a quote I found on the forum that relates to this but I think I messed up the edit.
  9. Sorry for the misinformation then. My mistake. I've tried multiple sim cards out of phones using the x.ispsn apn on my LTE modem and it never assigns an ipv4 address. Are you sure it's not just a local ipv4 address assigned by the phone and tunneled over ipv6? I found this while digging around in another forum. " Sign In
  10. X.ispsn is ipv6 only. No ipv4. On phones using this apn 3g takes care of ipv4 and lte takes the ipv6.
  11. Nothing to share really unless you wanted a specific build for your router from my linux build machine. I use a netgear nighthawk r7800 and an em7565. Stable openwrt 18.01 is on 4.14 kernel and supports qmi with raw ip just fine. Also you didn't ruin that em7565 you tried to flash. You need to first update to an intermediate firmware (1.05.xx.xx) then flash the newest firmware(1.09.xx.xx) twice in a row and it will work just fine. You may need to fix your impref back to "GENERIC" before you reflash as well.
  12. I'm using a em7565 and recieve 3xCA just great in Kansas City. I cross compiled modemmanager onto openwrt snapshot running 4.14 kernel and use qmi. I didn't like the rooter package. Too much scripts for stuff I didn't need. I also wanted to be able to bridge the lan and wan for ip passthrough and it was not possible with rooter. Modemmanager does it just fine. It seems you must lock band 41 to get 3xCA or else you only receive 1 band of 41. EMM state: Registered RRC state: RRC Connected Normal Service IMS reg state: No Srv PCC RxM RSSl
  13. Does the apn settings change anything? R.ispn between n.ispn? Thats another difference
  14. The only difference i see is my note 5 does have an ipv6 adress and the ZTE pocket wifi does not. Its turned off. I turned it on but it goes back off. Im on the most current software. I have to put it in lte only mode to even get it to try to connect to the same tower as my note 5. The note 5 will grab 2 download channels and work perfect. The ZTE will only grab one, say conected but have no internet at all. If i aim my external mimo at a further away tower the ZTE will grab 2 seperate cell id's and then grab 2 seperate download channels and work. But its a terrible signal and it wa
  15. Ok. I have a note 5 that i can set in a window and get great speeds. Its on band 41 and has 2 matching cell id's and 2 download channels. Everything works perfect. Now i have a ZTE pocket wifi also sprint lte plus. I set it in the same window but can only get one cell and no conection. Its like it wont grab the secondary cell. Here is whats weird. My phone while driving around always has matching primary and secondary cell id's with 2 downloading channels. My ZTE pocket wifi will only get carrier aggregation when the 2 cell id's are different. And its never as fast as my phone.
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