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Sprint Yellow Fan Studio Videos


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Hello everyone!


In the fast few months, I have been collecting videos from Yellow Fan Studios which is Sprint's creative media department. I also found some other cool stuff.


Now I am not a Sprint employee which makes it hard to find new videos since they are all unlisted. They used to be all public but not anymore. I assume Sprint employees can get access to them with iConnect or something like that. 


You may be wondering, how do I find these videos? 


If you enter into Google, "by yellow fan studios" site:youtube.com  You will find many playlists of liked videos of people liking those videos from YFS. I believe the liked playlist is public by default on YouTube which makes it easier to find videos since when you like a video, it automatically puts it in that playlist.


So I gathered all the videos and put them all in a public playlist here and some extra videos from when they were public:



Note: If you have access to YFS videos, if you can maybe share them here in this thread? Otherwise new videos that show up in the Google search I will update and new videos posted here if I get to it.


Most of the videos now in that playlist has videos called the Weekly which is like a weekly news show about Sprint. It features Christopher Ian Bennett which made news here:




There are also some other videos. When YFS was public, they were putting out this new show called The Harrison Wiley Show. There is a puppet which is the main guy that interviews people. All I got to see was episodes 1-3 which featured Güenther Ottendorfer. Sadly, all the episodes were all deleted but I was able to download episodes 1 and 2.




Finally I wanted to share this site which hosts Sprint's commercial archive.




You can find the latest commercials going all the way back to September of 2014. 


When you enter the URL into Google, it also brings up this site




It talks about what YFS is and what they do.


Anyways, if you want to share something go ahead! All this I found on my own with Google, I have no relation with Sprint other than being a customer.

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