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Spectrum Analyzers


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Which spectrum analyzers do you recommend that can pickup LTE Band 41 that sprint uses? Goal here is to see in a certian market which LTE channels Sprint is using, and how large the channel sizes are. Also interested to see if any of the educational entities are actually using their EBS licenses, or if Sprint is using them.


This seems like a valid solution as it support up to 2700Mhz. http://shop.nutsaboutnets.com/products/model-6gcombo 


Is there anyway to do this on an Android phone that has Band 41 built in already?  

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Anyone know what tools we can do this with?

You could likely use one of the SDR dongles and some sort of converter between the dongle and antenna to shift the frequency down into a range the SDR can tune to. You're better off asking in www.reddit.com/r/rtlsdr they have a pretty active community and I've seen discussion about this sort of thing there before.


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    • Some recent non-urban new builds in Utah, which are a mix of Sprint conversions and new site builds: Central Cedar City Enoch Parowan Beaver Wallsburg I'm also hearing of future new site builds in places that currently have weak / no signal on all carriers like Fountain Green, Oak City, Woodland, and along Hwy 191 in the canyon north of Helper by the Power Plant. There are also an unbelievable number of Sprint conversions happening in the urban Wasatch Front corridor as well. 
    • Only time I have gotten a free sim from them is when I "purchased" some "free" phones from T-Mobile, unless I go back to when they were a distant 4th carrier.  My four other MVNOs are feast or famine, so I try to keep several hanging around.  I have noticed different versions have different capabilities, and newer is not always better.  They typically force you to upgrade when you need to activate another discount period.  
    • Hard to imagine they're actually worth much as easy as they are to get free though.....they keep sending them out unsolicited like nuts.  We just got like a 3rd packet of them less than a month ago and got another email notifying "SIM card is on the way".  
    • E-bay.  The physical sims do have one advantage: they are not tied to your phone, thus you can change phones mostly without your carriers permission (except Sprint billing). Benefits signal hunters, travellers, and thieves.
    • Maybe in a museum? When the phone manufacturers follow Apple’s lead and go all eSIM it will be a moot point. At least in the states. 
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