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Sprint WiFi Calling Ports and Url's


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Hey I am looking to configure QOS for WiFi Calling on my router.

I have been scouring the internet. Some of the setting below look like Airrave stuff.

What do I need for WiFi Calling QOS and Port Forwarding?



So far I have the following info:


Port 4500 is used.

Port 444 is for emergency 911.


Here is the WiFi calling Gateway I found.

IP Address: Host of this IP: 68-31-26-1.pools.spcsdns.net


From T-Mobile's Wifi Connect instructions.


Enter the following two rules giving them a meaningful name like "WiFi Calling", enter the MAC for your phone, enter at least 85% of your available bandwidth (e.g 0-42500 if your maximum transfer rate is 50 Meg), the highest priority and:
Rule 1: Destination port "4500" Protocol "UDP"
Rule 2: Destination port "5060, 5061" Protocol "TCP"

Here are some miscellaneous Airvana settings just in case you have an Airvana.:


TCP 5060

TCP 5061

UDP 52000-59999


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