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NETGEAR® Fuse Mobile Hotspot

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Does this new hotspot support B41 CA?

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Does this new hotspot support B41 CA?


I do not believe it can. According to the netgear fact sheet it only supports up to LTE Cat 3. So far there is no CA supporting hotspot on Sprint.

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    • I bought DISH stock a few months ago.  It has now gone up 75% in value. 🥴 Not sure what in the economy to believe or where this company is going. https://seekingalpha.com/symbol/DISH
    • Another SignalCheck beta update rolling out now, should be available when "normal" people start waking up! Mostly more 5G fixes.. stale data, missing values, ugly text, etc. Please keep those relevant diagnostic reports coming, it is a huge help as I do not have a 5G device yet.
    • SignalCheck does not currently use either one of those codes, I have another method in place that is slightly different.. although maybe if my method fails, it should try those as a backup.. (EDIT: I forgot.. newer versions of Android no longer permit apps to make direct shortcuts to dialer codes.)   Working on the stale info -- thanks for your diagnostics! I'm flying blind without you guys sending me data, so I sincerely appreciate it! Once it's reliable, I'll move it into its own "block" like the other connection types, and add full logging/alerts/icons/etc. We're slowly getting there.   Unrelated note.. thank you to @S4GRU for the LG V60 reports tonight.. after a software update, it's now reporting 5G info in SCP as well! Hopefully more devices follow suit..
    • I've also heard that Nokia's NR equipment isn't very good, at least compared to the competition. And that it's buggy. The 2.5 equipment Sprint was using for LTE+NR had a several known bugs. Some European providers have already torn out Nokia NR equipment and replaced it with other vendors for that reason. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
    • I feel like I could have saved a lot of time if I had found this thread a while back. I started with a T-Mobile Home Internet setup and realized very quickly that i would get drastically faster speeds if the router was on my roof. Naturally I ripped it apart and tried external antennas on the four U.FL connections, no dice (I suspect it's the really small RP MHF4 style connectors, but I cant find the right connector for that). Next I got a Mofi4500 which doesnt work with the T-Mobile Home Internet sim (probably IMEI locked?) I used the Mofi with AT&T for a while reliably but not as fast as I would like (~4-10Mbps). I eventually decided to build my own based on a EM20-G and a Raspberry Pi using GoldenOrb. After downgrading the firmware I was able to get it working in a LTEFix USB enclosure.  I also tried it out in the Mofi with GoldenOrb (it seemed to work till a bandwidth test and it would reset the modem). I am suspecting it wasn't getting enough power since it only seemed to work in the external enclosure when the optional power was hooked up. I settled on the EM20-G because I read all over the place that swapping the IMEI would be as easy as an AT command, which didn't work out but I figured would allow me to use the T-Mobile sim. I am using the super big 4x4 MIMO panel from LTEFix and all the various configurations are running about equal. That is MoFi up on the roof with the tiny omnis or bigger cheap omnis, small cheap yagis, or the LTEFix panel, same with the EM20-G, and finally the T-Mobile Askey router by itself. The only two variables I can think of is T-Mobile vs. AT&T or the MHF4 -> SMA pigtails from Amazon that seem really thin (like ~ .8mm). In a perfect world I could test the T-Mobile with the EM20-G and the LTEFix antenna. Even better I would like to mount a router board inside the LTEFix antenna enclosure as there is 2.5cm clearance, even better than that would be POE. I am mainly concerned with power delivery to the EM20-G. Do you have any recommendations for a good router board that would work with it, I don't really care about WiFi? Sorry for the long winded post :)
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