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Official, stock ICS for the Nexus S 4G leaked


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My wife has the Nexus S 4G and I've been searching Google news everyday the past few weeks since it was rumored to get ICS "in the next few weeks" a few weeks ago.


I saw this today:




I thought it was an April fools joke.....kinda messed up that you'd think a Nexus device getting an update would be a joke. Users have flashed it though, so I guess it's real.


It's supposed to have improved 3G and Wimax radios. I'm not going to flash this on the wife's device, I'll wait till the OTA, but I'm excited. I like the Nexus S 4G, but the radios on the wife's aren't the greatest. If this fixes those, I might have to retire the EVO 4G, get a Nexus S 4G on craigslist, and enjoy improved Wimax and official ICS until LTE rolls out here in Minneapolis.


Has anyone here tried this official, stock ICS that was just leaked?


Edit: just read some more on this, apparently it has a 4G toggle widget! Finally!

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