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Curiosity about how testing of the antennas work?

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Greetings everyone.  So hey i am just curious about a few things.  1. How do companies like Sprint, Verizon, etc test new equipment like these band 41 antennas and RRU's before they go up on the tower?  I am not a very technical person when it comes to this type of stuff.  I am just curious as to how they go about it.  Also is it Sprint or  is it Samsung/Ericsson/Altel Lucent who do the testing.  2. Do they use special devices when they are testing the equipment?  or how do they go about doing that?  


Again this is just out of curiosity and I know that its kind of off topic.  I have just had a hard time finding answers to these questions so I figured i would post here.  Thanks in advance for the info.  Have a great evening everyone!



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