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Galaxy Nexus Plus


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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 30 January 2012


Here's an article reporting on the Galaxy Nexus + which is rumored to have a faster processor and better camera. Hopefully this is the version Sprint gets.



Refreshed Galaxy Nexus Plus with faster CPU and improved caera on the way?


Could Google be working on a slightly updated version of the Galaxy Nexus? It wouldn’t be the first time a manufacturer refreshed a device just months after the initial release. A recent benchmark score spotted on the Nenamark site shows a Galaxy Nexus featuring a PowerVR SGX544 graphics processor.


The faster SGX544 GPU is included with Texas Instruments’ upcoming OMAP4470 processor. This is the successor to the original OMAP4460 found in the Galaxy Nexus, that includes the older SGX540 GPU.


While it’s true this result could have been spoofed, we have seen evidence of a Galaxy Nexus with a different processor speed before in a leaked ad for Sprint. Samsung underclocked the 1.5 GHz OMAP4460 to run at 1.2 GHz in the Galaxy Nexus, so it’s possible they could underclock the 1.8 GHz OMAP4470 to run at speeds around 1.5 GHz.


Even though the two processors feature very similar model numbers, the OMAP4470 is advertised as offering 2.5x the graphics performance of the OMAP4460. We recently saw the OMAP4470 in action at CES, and witnessed a Nenamark2 score that was around 70% faster than the previous generation.


The Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus is coming soon, but we still don’t know much about the official specs. Rumors have suggested it could feature an improved 8 MP camera (compared to 5 MP of the original), so it’s possible that Samsung and Google could update the processor as well if a faster one is available in time.


I’m sure a few owners of the original Galaxy Nexus will complain, but I’m happy to see a Galaxy Nexus refresh in the coming months, if these rumors turn out to be true.

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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 30 January 2012


That would be sweet. I know I was a bit surprised that the google nexus had a 5 MP camera. When I was buying my E4GT, I asked the sales associate at Best Buy if he knew why the GN had a 5 MP camera and he argued with me that it had to be higher. When I pointed it out on the shelf, he went online to verify that Best Buy's own tag was correct. I thought it was pretty funny, but the stats were definitely underwhelming for a $300 flagship device, even if it is a Nexus

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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 31 January 2012


I do want this phone. However, if Sprint were to get a GSlll about the same time I would need migraine medication because the oncoming headache to choose which one would be painful.

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