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How do you people get so close to the towers to take pictures?

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Because after i saw people getting some pictures of there local sprint towers i was like hmm that might be good to go and see if they added or upgraded anything.


Needless to say when i actually found a tower (thanks to a crappy app from the market) i found that there was a "Private Property" sign at the beginning of the drive and i couldnt get anywhere near the tower. OFC i still took some pictures with my phone but it being so far off you cant really see anything.


ALSO i was so mad i forgot to take a speed test.


and was up. i been lurking here for a week or two and just registered.

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Welcome to the site, its a wonderful place to be and filled with all sorts of great information. As far as tower location it really depends. Some towers, like in your particular case may not be accessible but others are right there in the open. For example, the closest tower to me is in the back parking lot of a hooters restaurant. The tower itself is fenced off of course but I can walk all around it and take as many pics as I like. There is another one a few miles away that right behind a kmart store that anyone can walk up to, so it just depends.

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yup muffinman explains it right...all depends on the location. Some they fence off the driveway to it, and some there is just a fence around the base of the tower...all depends on the surrounding area and whats feasible for them to do...

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