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Problems with Galaxy Nexus and Wifi-4G-3G Handoffs


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I didn't see a topic on this when I searched, but I was just wondering how widespread this issue may be.  Since my Gnex was upgraded to 4.3, I have had a ton of issues with the handoff between 4G-3G (and sometimes with Wifi-3G).  I have been refreshed as well as a full wipe and nothing seems to make it any better.


Here is a Sprint community thread on the same thing I'm experiencing:



I'm ready to root and move on to Cyanogenmod and see if that helps any, but the whole reason I bought this phone was to get out of the rooting/roming game I spend so much time on when I was at T-Mobile.


Anyone have any other thoughts on this?





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Yup, the 4.3 update has issues as you mentioned.  So many users are having the same problem as you mentioned and no fix has been posted or at least clarified by Sprint. I wanted to roll back but I'm no expert in rooting and swapping radios on phones....Unfortunately had to upgrade from the Gnex to the Moto X.


Have you contacted Sprint?

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Yes, all they have done so far is a *#*#72786#*#* and a refresh on their side.  I was debating taking it into the store to see what they could do, but honestly I doubt there is much that can be done other than roll back to 4.2, and I can do that myself. My only option really is to move on to custom roms (I've had many rooted phones over the years, but I went to the GNex for the stock experience and the hope they would update quickly (ha!).


I'm not really interesting in moving to a different device, and my contract is up next June so I'm just waiting that out so I can move carriers if the 4G rollout doesn't get any better in Louisville.

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Yup, rebooting or resetting the phone won't fix the issue. This is bug in android 4.3 on the Gnex. 


I feel you about upgrading, I'm under contract until December of 2014 and decided to get the deal from Moto X. 


I love stock android, even tho the Moto X has a few bloatware apps and slight moto customization but I think I can live with it.


Still thinking of buying the Nexus 5 but debating. lol

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