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Shentel Q3 2013


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Earle MacKenzie - EVP & COO

Our primary emphasis has shifted to optimizing the network. Over 40% of all of our data traffic is LTE and we are approaching 15% of our voice traffic on 800 megahertz. 




Earle MacKenzie - EVP & COO

David, this is Earle. Yes, we have been certainly watching that closely and continuing to have ongoing conversations with Sprint about the use of the 2.5 spectrum. As Sprint has said, they are going to start in their largest metropolitan areas for two reasons. Number one obviously this could be a great differentiator, but they also need the additional spectrum in those markets. We don't have that spectrum constraint in the next couple of years as we project out the data usage on our customers.


But we’ll not be probably on the same timeline as Sprint. We see ourselves probably lagging Sprint a little bit on the build out of the Spark 2.5. So as we're kind of looking at our next couple of years, we see that at the earliest being a 2015 event. And then we would start, obviously on a much different scale, we would start in our most populated areas and start building out the core of that with the 2.5 and then moving out as we saw it was prudent based on the cost and the usage.



Some more interesting information at the link.

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    • Looks like T-Mobile just got an opportunity to expand n41 in Shentel-land https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/shentel-sell-its-25-ghz-spectrum-assets
    • Almost at 76% licenses "sold" at $160 million. Like watching paint dry.  Will check again in a few days. 
    • I guess we'll see how many takers there are for this: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-08-04/dish-nears-launch-of-mobile-service-taking-on-at-t-and-verizon One early drawback to the Boost Infinite service is that, for now, subscribers will need to buy a $900 Motorola Edge+ phone to get connected to Dish’s new network. More phones that are compatible with the system are expected in the third quarter, Dish told analysts Wednesday. Registration Site: https://www.boostinfinite.com I remember when Virgin Mobile went iPhone-only: https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/21/virgin-mobile-goes-iphone-only-offers-a-year-of-service-for-1/ That didn't go so well.
    • Hey Mike    Ya I was the one that brought the issue to your attn for the color thing on my 6T like 3-4 years ago   that was fixed after like 6 months  and I never had any issues with that anymore till the 1st  Android/OxygenOS 12 update but it hasn't done that anymore (that i've seen lately)   it just doesn't give me the  signal strength much anymore  it'll show it for like 5 mins then  switch to  "--"  and stay that way  Sometimes if I close it out and reopen it  it'll come back (tho the icon is delayed showing up for like a min  or so when it used to show up instantly) but after a few mins it's back to showing "--" again and other times it'll just come back to the "--"
    • Sounds like an awesome project—keep us posted on how it’s going! Also—if you’re able to figure out logging, I can work with you to get the data uploaded to SignalCheck. 
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