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Discount on Sprint Hotspot Plans


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Is an employer discount still available on the new hotspot plans (6Gb, 12GB, etc)? From what I'm seeing it isn't, but wondered if anyone could confirm.  If not, I really don't see how Sprint's mobile broadband plans can compete with the other carriers.


I currently have an old Sprint 3G card and plan where I still get a discount, and a newer AT&T LTE hotspot that I have a discount on as well.  Neither one is under contract, just month to month.


Was hoping to get a Netgear Zing on Sprint to replace the AT&T one, but without the discount it'll most likely end up costing me more.  On Sprint I can get the 12GB plan for $79.99/mo (plus taxes) which runs about $6.67/GB.  On AT&T, I can get the 10GB mobile share plan for $66.20/mo (plus taxes) which run $6.62/GB with my employee discount.  If I didn't have the discount on AT&T, Sprint would be better here.


However, overages is where Sprint kills you.  At $0.05/MB that's about $50/GB.  With the AT&T line I would pay $15/GB.  There are a few times when I have gone over, and a few other times where I probably could have but just used the Sprint 3G for a while instead.


I'd love to get rid of that AT&T hotspot and get the new Zing on Sprint.  Without the discount however, it just doesn't add up for me.

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