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Intel buys Fujitsu RF unit to beef up LTE expertise


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According to Strauss, the acquisition of the Tempe, Ariz.-based Fujitsu unit "is a very important move for Intel as Fujitsu Wireless had developed probably the most advanced multimode LTE RF transceiver available in the open market."

Strauss, in his newsletter to clients, noted that the Fujitsu Wireless operation traces its lineage to Freescale Semiconductor and Motorola Semiconductor. "Intel has acquired a truly seasoned technical staff, now probably their most seasoned U.S.-based wireless talent," he said.



Sounds good to me!  Intel has a lot of catching up - this probably helps a lot.


Full story:




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Completely pointless for Sprint people, but yes I imagine this will help them. I think they're first LTE modem is supposed to debut Q1 2014.

Why's it pointless? Cause intel wont use CDMA?
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Yup, You won't see any Intel modems on Sprint phones while Sprint still uses CDMA

If intel presents an acceptable volte band 26, maybe not. Though the IBEZ kills that possibility.
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