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Need an upgrade to get a LTE phone? Sprint's changes of their discount policy may be the ticket.


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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 25 January 2012


Every time there is a material change to the terms and conditions of your contract with Sprint, customers have the ability to request to cancel without an early termination fee. Some people have been reporting that when they call Sprint about the changes to the discount policy (Sprint took 19.99 from the discount eligible main plan and moved it to the second line which cannot be discounted costing customers around $5 per month) they have had their term committment wiped out instead of cancelling. If someone had no term committment, they could cancel that line and add another line qualifying for the new line discount when LTE phones are released without having to have an upgrade credit available.


I called to try to wipe the term commitment off of my plan and the operator I talked to said that I could cancel without a ETF, but they couldn't wipe off my term commitment. Other message boards have had people as recently as 24 January saying that some CSRs will, so I guess it may depend on who you talk to. I will be trying again.

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