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PRL 602 Error


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I've been getting this error frequently lately, especially when being in an LTE location most of the day due to work. When I leave, and go into a 3G network, and want to browse the internet, I have no data connection to browse, even though I still see the 3G icon, and SignalCheck Pro shows there is a network connection. It's getting frustating! I reset my phone off and on, and still get this error.


At home connecting to WiFi, I don't this error. Being in a 3G network at home, the next day is fine until I leave work, and back into this 602 error when on way home. What's causing this to happen? I read yhe PRL articles here a while back, and have a good understanding it has nothing to do with connecting to towers. I called Sprint about this, and a couple I spoke to said I'm not connecting to a nearby tower, and one said it my be the radio/antenna in my phone that my need checking out at a Sprint repair store.


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Likely just an issue with LTE device provisioning in your area.


Our repeater in our store is having that exact issue with provisioning devices. Connecting them to WiFi works perfectly as it's a different provisioning server in use to program them. The main network here though works fine for provisioning, just something about how our repeater is being backhauled through the network.

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I just had a huge issue with the past 24 hours after Modem & Kernel flash wiped all my activation info. I replaced MSID and data login info but still no data connection with after going back to Stock, a Hard Reset, Hands Free Activation or Profile Update (which is where error showed up).


Long -> Short Sprint rep said it was a Samsung only error and needs to be elevated to manufacturer.  Give Sprint a call and have them send off a ticket, mine was fixed within a couple hours after having no data all day.

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Thanks for responding. As for Deval's question, I didn't do a hard reset, but restarted a couple of times.


halcyoncmdr, that makes makes a lot sense after reading up on provisioning info for telecommunications. And when I get the error, it's always at the same exact location arriving at, or passing through it.


AJ, when I called Sprint a couple of times, some reps said it's a tower connection issue, and 1 tech said it's my device antenna/radio that may need attention. Nobody mentioned a Samsung only error. Then again, reps tell us all sorts of things. I will call again, and mention provision and/or Samsung error.

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