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Where did my Nextel antennas go?

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I work for a large university.  Several years ago, three sets of Nextel iDEN antennas were added to the roof of the building in which I work.  Back in Nextel's heyday, we had a good population of Nextel PTT users on campus.  I started to read about the 800MHz iDEN shutdown a while ago.  I was excited that I might soon have amazing Sprint signal in and around my office (instead of roaming on V when I go into the basement).


About 5 weeks ago, right before the Nextel shutdown, the iDEN antennas disappeared.


How can I find out if this was a permanent measure to remove Sprint's presence from our campus?  Or is this typical of sites that were/are being upgraded to 800MHz Sprint LTE?  There is already a Sprint 3G tower about half a mile south of our campus.  LTE hasn't been rolled out here, yet (Rochester, NY).

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The site is probably gone for good. Sprint is decommissioning mostly redundant Nextel iDEN only sites. Just a small number of iDEN only sites are being included in Sprint Network Vision.



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