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Sprint CEO at MWC: Sprint touts the value of a green approach.


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So, what do you think about Sprint's opportunity to make a big announcement??


Sprint touts the value of a green approach


LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012: Sprint CEO Dan Hesse emphasised the US operator’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability in his keynote at Congress today.


“Purpose, community, the environment and morality are often missing from business investment discussions. In addition to being the right thing to do over time, being environmentally responsible will lower our costs and enhance our brands,” he said.


Hesse said the company aims to reuse or recycle nine out of 10 phones it sells by 2017, as well as creating a “gold standard” for the certification of refurbished phones, through its participation in the Device Renewal Forum.


The company is also the first US telecoms company to publish an electronic stewardship policy concerning the disposal of electronic waste, according to Hesse.


The final element in Sprint’s sustainability efforts discussed was its recent acceptance into the World Wildlife Fund Climate Savers programme, to which just 28 companies have ever been admitted. The programme coordinates non-governmental efforts to reduce carbon emissions and minimise global warming.


Hesse added that Sprint’s “tireless effort to reduce our carbon footprint” and bring “more sustainable mobile devices and technologies” to the market, have seen it recognised in the industry, including a number three ranking in Newsweek’s Green List.


Source: http://www.mobilebusinessbriefing.com/articles/sprint-touts-the-value-of-a-green-approach/22732

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That was it? I was in the field all day and didn't get a chance to get online till now. Ok, I'm all for being a good steward of the environment, but come on? He poisoned the environment more by using the jet fuel to fly over and back just to say Sprint has recycling bins? It's been a long day, I think i will have a Corona or two...

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    • Confirmed on my way to work this morning and while out on lunch that the only Sprint sites I connected to were keep sites. All others seem to now be offline at least around Louisville and Shepherdsville KY. 
    • It is pretty easy to use, once you get the hang of it. For example, to select a specific LTE Band(s) Click on [7] --Clear selected bands Click on [5] LTE Band Preferences Click on the specific band(s) you want to enable.  Click on [F] Go Main Click on [9] --Apply band configuration The same holds for NR5G, just you would click on [5] NR5G Band preferences instead of [5] LTE Band Preferences To re-enable all bands: Click on [8] --Select all bands Click on [9] --Apply band configuration  
    • Got the Android 12 based upgrade today with May 2022 security.  They now have favorites in contacts. Have not yet figured out how to get rid of the google/T-Mobile screen. Wall paper changes.
    • 25/26 are still on here, though the site historically nearest me has been decom'd. I did have to cycle to B26 and then B25 to get my phone to lock on, as going directly to B25 landed me on AT&T MFBI. Will be interesting to see how long 25/26 stay on; it's hard to connect to Sprint B41 here as there's plenty of T-Mobile B41 on n41 sites.
    • Looks like the remaining Sprint network might be dead here now. Forcing my phone to B25 or B26 gives me no network, sad day for sure. 
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