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Sync address book from my car back to my EVO 4G LTE


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So, my EVO started looping endlessly last night after it froze up. A soft reset was to no avail, so I had to do the dreaded hard reset. Apparently when my contacts were thrown onto the EVO from my old phone, it was done BEFORE I set up my Google account on the phone, so about 95% of my contacts were never synced, unbeknownst to me. :(


Does anyone know of an app or way that I could sync my address book from my 2011 Sonata BACK to my phone? All the contacts are sitting there on the car's address book, but of course there's no functionality to sync that I can see from the car's end. I'm hoping I have the old phone lying around somewhere, but thought I'd ask in the interim before I get home for the day. TIA!

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