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  1. I can't seem to find permits for Cabarrus County anymore with the name of business being "Sprint". https://citizenaccess.cabarruscounty.us/Cap/CapHome.aspx?module=Permits Any ideas? I've also tried NV, just for grins. That used to turn up a few items.
  2. I figured it had to be T-Mobile since I know folks that have been by it with VzW, Sprint, and AT&T haven't seen a bit of difference in service. I'm hoping Sprint will also go up on that tower or at least on a tower somewhere over by Morehead and 49.
  3. So I was outside yesterday and connected to B41! It was for a very brief time and I couldn't tell if it was from the Stough/49 tower or the 49/485 tower but something's definitely going on with the testing of that equipment. The only reason I knew was because LTE Discovery beeped at me (couldn't see the GCI in time). Just something for the Harrisburg-area folks to keep an eye on.
  4. You don't even want to know what the CCR area is. The tower near Pharr Mill & Rocky River (the one I've mentioned before that's got 3 different carriers on it at Rocky River & Lower Rocky River - SignalCheck shows it as 8030 Lower Rocky River when I roam to VzW in the area) has zero Sprint service (that's active anyway). I come through that area once a week and the service there is caca. It'd be amazing if they'd put panels on that tower facing down Pharr Mill / Stallings Rd, down Rocky River towards 485 / Hickory Ridge Rd area, and probably another one facing Lower Rocky River / towards the 2 schools on Holden Dr.
  5. I can pick up light B26 when I'm coming up Roberta in the RRC area but it dies when I'm in Harrisburg. I live just around the corner and can pick up about the same fringe values in the front of my neighborhood. If Sprint would just hop on one of the towers over at Morehead and 49 or by Pitts Elementary, it'd REALLY light our area up. That's pretty good reach to HRHS... too bad it drops on Pharr Mill as you crest over the hill and down towards Shamrock Rd... that's another dismal area.
  6. B26 is active in Harrisburg at the tower on Stough and 49! Too bad some of those panels aren't pointed at the heart of Harrisburg over by town hall, as that stretch has pretty bad service.
  7. unccjester

    LG G3

    I've been on the fence about picking one up...how does Netflix look on it? Sorry if I missed this one...don't think I've seen any reviews on that here.
  8. unccjester

    LG G3

    I initially read that as "My wife keeps giving me an authentication error".
  9. Are they pushing it real good? I have got to go get a G3 and get off this EVO.
  10. I called Sprint's tech support last night to have them "pinpoint" 2 more addresses where the 3G/4G and/or 1X800 just sucks due to tower spacing in Harrisburg & Concord and let them know about the towers on Pitts School and Rocky River / Lower Rocky River. The more calls they get with addresses in the Harrisburg area, the more quickly they're going to look at it, so anyone in the area please fire away with addresses (I gave them RSSI ranges from SignalCheck as well) for tech support on the East & West sides of Harrisburg, since we know they're sparse on 4G in that area.
  11. The only thing I heard of in Cabarrus county was the light at S&D coffee blinking for some time...which can't be good, as that's a big intersection that's angled awkwardly. Did anyone ever figure out if the tower at Morehead & 49 in Harrisburg was getting any Sprint equipment. I still don't know who's got service on the tower on Pitts School road near Pitts Elementary. It looks like it's on the property of the dump, so there's no telling what the physical address is to look up permits.
  12. unccjester

    LG G3

    Just playing devil's advocate here, I would have to say your conclusion can't be definite by any means. You did not ask him if he would rather use LTE all the time for whatever he needs, just for the phone, and turn wi-fi off on the phone. If you have unlimited data, why couldn't this be a perfectly fair 2+2=4 as well for Netflix, music streaming, etc? This could hypothetically free up more bandwidth for his other devices. Maybe you're right, maybe you're not; however, without asking the guy, you can only assume / hypothesize. I'm not calling anyone out in a negative way, I'm just looking at what anyone could truly determine from his post in this respect. On a thread-related note, has anyone upgraded to the G3 on SERO so far? Just curious to see if you had difficult or easy experiences and if difficult, what was the end result that made it happen. TIA! It really seems like Sprint has tied their retentions department up and made it part of their regular CSR world, making it impossible to get any help on upgrading a device at a lower cost (wife just wants a 5C, not expecting help on the G3 of course).
  13. I have retract my previous statement (to some degree) on the Pitts School road tower! I passed by it this morning and panels are going up as of this morning because they weren't going up yesterday! I can't tell whose panels they are and the tower is actually on the property of the dump, so I'm not sure there's a way to drive up to this one from Pitts School road (I'll have to double-check). Hopefully, Sprint's first on this one and that'll bring strong service to Harrisburg and the Roberta Rd corridor!
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