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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery


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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery


I was going to post this in the other thread but thought it may hold it own. This topic normally does. Just on a whim, and to tease my family that I talked into getting the S3 (7 now), I'm running the battery to see how long I can get it under normal conditions as I normally live out my day. Then Ill go for the Best time.



GN2 was fully charged via the 2 amp USB charger it comes with. Stopped at 9%. (about the time I normally screw up and forget to charge it over night).


Total Battery Time: 23:14:36 on Battery

Talk time: 1:49:27

Texts: 142

Email: Sent: 15 Rec: 24

My mods:

  • Stock
  • Deleted most apps
  • Apps that update only do so twice a day and weather ea hour.
  • Black background
  • I deleted the Connection Optimizer
  • I deleted Email and Exchange Server

Network: Mostly WiFi, Then 4G, then a little 3G.

Notes: I did plugin a couple times to my Desktop to move over a couple file to mod the feature.xml. I also never use WiFi Direct, but I did last night and sent a ton of pics to my Wife's S3. I'm also about 3700ft from my tower.

Screen Shots:





I'll post this in a couple days.



What's Everyone Else getting?

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