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  1. I am debating about getting an apple watch. Most likely when the 2nd Gen comes out. I have a fitbit charge hr but unfortunately, I am one of the few people that gets a skin abrasion or little rash from the bands. I will have to look up the material to see if the apple watch will cause the same discomfort.
  2. Crap, that's not what I want to hear. Hopefully the 6s plus will not have any mechanical issues. This will be my 1st iphone, so I want this to be a good experience.
  3. It's been a while since been on the sight but im glad to be back!!
  4. Horrible incident today..my prayers go out to the victims and their families.
  5. Ive had this discussion with a co-worker as well. I told him I would actually keep working if I had a million in the bank. The way I see it, paying off some debt and student loans would reduce the million rather quickly
  6. I rooted mine today install a multi-view mod were I can use ALL apps. I thought I saw the link in this forum somewhere, but if I dont see it I'll link if you like.
  7. Google fiber is available in kansas and Missouri LTE must be coming
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