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Google to sell HUD glasses with Android


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Looks interesting although I won't be an early adopter on this one. 3G or $G connections with GPS. Anyone think they will try it out? Kinda looks like Terminator vision.


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Google to sell Android-based heads-up display glasses by year’s end


The New York Times claims to have confirmed previous rumors stating that Google is developing Android-based glasses with a built-in heads-up display (HUD). While earlier rumors suggested that the glasses were not ready for a mass roll out, the Times quotes unnamed Google employees who said “the glasses will go on sale to the public by the end of the year.” The HUD glasses will reportedly come equipped with a 3G or 4G data connection, a number of sensors including motion and GPS, and they are expected to cost “around the price of current smartphones,” or between $250 and $600.

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