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The Bulletin Board - Sprint 4G Rollout Updates


So far, the Bulletin Board here at S4GRU.com has not gotten much traction. So I figured that might be because I haven't been talking about it. So I have started this forum thread to extol the virtues of the S4GRU Bulletin Board!


The Bulletin Board was created as a separate place from The Wall. The Wall is designed for our news division, a place where pertinent Sprint and 4G news articles get posted. These are original S4GRU news stories and exclusives designed to be broadcast out to the world and draw people into Sprint 4G Rollout Updates.


In contrast, The Bulletin Board is more of an internal blog wall for S4GRU members. A place where we will post links to relevant news articles, links to funny or relevant videos, talk about things going on around S4GRU, bulletins about site issues or upgrades...just about everything that is not a news article will be posted on The Bulletin Board. The Bulletin Board is designed to be a place you check out every time you stop by S4GRU.


Jump over and take a look at The Bulletin Board. We are going to be utilizing it more often in the future. And as always, I would love some feedback.




Best Regards,


Robert Herron

S4GRU Administrator

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