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Qualcomm S4 Benchmarked!

Sgt. Slaughter

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And then much much much more detail here:



On the 2nd link be sure to read it ALL. There are links at the bottom of each page to move you further on in the write up. 4 pages total.


Ton of info there in that 2nd one! cant wait!!!




BTW. I figured this belonged in the devices section...if you want it moved to the "everything else" section feel free to do so there. Just thought b/c device related it'd go here.

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That second post has some great info! Kinda makes you think...'quad core what??'


Yeah the second link is where all the other blogs are getting their "story" from on the chip. lol


Yeah though it would be nice to see Qualcomm at least announce a quadcore MSM chip. so far all i have seen is the APQ8064 which has no modems and geared to tablets...

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It they put this chip in a Nokia phone running WP7/WP8 with Sprint LTE at a decent price ($200 on contract), I will be in nirvana :D

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Saw that. Also that it said itd be up to manufacturers whether to implement/activate that in the chip too. Which is nice bc that means if HTC/sprint want to be dbags like with the evo4g and disable wireless N, all it will take is a simple edit to gain the feature...


Though I haven't seen any need for any devices running the AC standard in my home as it is, as i haven't come across many if any routers that support it...could be wrong there though.


Still regardless it truly only helps inter network transfers and not necessarily download speeds as those will be limited to you ISP service.

Like people getting gig routers when their ISP is only 15Mbps it doesn't help but transfers from within ur home network...


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