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Another OS to challenge Apple & Android?


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If webOS, Meego, Tinzen Bada, BBX10 & WP(Maybe) and all the others wasn't enough to learn that keeping up with the Jones's isn't an easy thing to do. Mozilla is considering throwing its hat in the ring and giving it a stab. They will announce more at the MWC, but they do state some interesting possibilities if they can get the OEM's on board.



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Bring it on! Competition is a good thing. HTML5 is going to open up a chance for more OS'es. Its the App Base that limits opportunities for competition. And this will help level the playing field for new OS'es.


There is a level of irony in the fact that Apple pushed HTML5 so hard to destroy Adobe and now HTML5 is the single biggest threat to OS beyond Android.


S4GRU is now mobile...posted via Forum Runner

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What's curious is I wonder if Mozilla actually though this through. If this is a web based OS and with the carriers imposing limits by throttling and caps, this venture may be short lived


It's not really web based. That's a misnomer. It's HTML5 based. It would run all HTML5 sites and apps. Your device can save a HTML5 based site locally on your device, just like an app. It could then run off the grid just like all non-data apps now. They can make an Angry Birds HTML5 app that never needs data, and virtually any other game.


Theoretically, a "web based" or HTML5 based OS would use the same amount of data as iOS and Android.

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    • Mine is still working fine here in Raleigh.   There were some outages related to the snow storm.    I have seen it take a couple of days to recover from storms.   It is not among the highest priority services.  
    • Looks like my MB gold at my office was finally decommissioned sometime last week. It was working the previous week and I was out of town last week. I came in today and it was powered down. I unplugged it and plugged it back in but it just keeps looping through trying to establish a connection. Looks like it's time to add it to our ewaste pile.
    • I did spot some NRCA in Crown Heights last weekend. Sadly because I'm using an iPhone I can't see the exact carrier combo but it did report that it was seeing 2 NR carriers. At first I thought it was a glitch or some weird stale data because my phone was still reporting NSA 5G and the primary NR carrier was the 80MHz n41 carrier but reading Sascha's article it's quite possible that my phone was using B2+B66 +n41+n41.  — — — — — On another note, it looks like someone found n5+n77+B2+B66 on Verizon:   
    • This entire FAA argument is stupid with no evidence at all that there is an issue with C-band.  You may be right that there is some conspiracy nut involved. The guard-band between what aircraft altimeters use and cellular C-band is 220MHz.  If any safety critical aircraft altimeter is reading signals from 220MHz away from the frequencies it is designed to use, that is a very broken safety critical device and should have been replaced it long ago.  Everything in an aircraft is designed and certified for precision and is checked regularly.  The aircraft is not designated as airworthy for instrument flight if the systems in it are not certified to be precise and in good working order.  If an altimeter is so broken that it is off by more than 220MHz from the frequencies it is designed to use, it could just as easily be off by 1GHz or more which would likely cause it to fall into other frequencies that are also already in use. 
    • https://www.pcmag.com/news/exclusive-we-found-t-mobiles-secret-weapon-against-c-band Seems like he's seeing: B2+B66 +n41+n41 n71+n41 Not that it really matters, I suppose:  
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