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New Mexico's Enchanted Circle- Angelfire/red river


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I live in austin (Georgetown, TX) and am excited about Sprint LTE service. But I have a vacation home I go to a lot in the summer and over christmas in angelfire, NM. I am thus in the Toas, angelfire and Redriver Area a lot. I know I get a great sprint signal in Toas, but am always roaming in Angelfire, no sprint signal.


Does anyone know if Sprint will be expanding service and LTE to these Areas of Northern New mexico? Thanks.

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I travel a lot in my job all over Northern New Mexico. Sprint native service ends at Espanola. All of Taos/Colfax Counties is roaming for Sprint. Sprint does not offer service in the Taos area at all. I often do work in Taos, Questa and Red River and roam a lot. Roaming in Taos County is on AT&T, through the remaining Alltel CDMA network that is still operating. Roaming in Colfax County is on Verizon, through the towers Verizon picked up from Alltel.


The roaming in this area is all 1x. If you know how to upload PRL's to your device, you can change to a Sprint Corporate PRL which will give you 3G roaming in Colfax County, but not Taos County. You can change to a Verizon PRL that will give you 3G roaming in both Colfax and Taos Counties (which is what I do). However, when data roaming, you are limited to 300MB per month.


Sprint will be installing LTE on their native sites in Northern New Mexico. However, this will be limited to the Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Espanola, Pecos and Las Vegas areas. Taos & Colfax Counties currently have no LTE coverage at all, from any carrier. Verizon will likely get there in the next year or so, but it's likely a low priority. AT&T will likely never offer LTE in the area. And Sprint has no sites in either county.


There are no plans to expand Sprint native service in this area. We used to be able to run on Alltel as native service before they were bought out. Sadly, those days are over. Perhaps in a few years after being profitable, Sprint may expand its nationwide footprint. However, Sprint will likely focus on areas where they pay the most in roaming fees. Other than maybe around Taos, I cannot see this area as a high priority for Sprint.



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