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Repair vs TEP


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I filed for a claim 8/03/2012, and it has been on back order ever since. I have a cracked glass that's usable, and can barely be seen. Every thing functions as it should, and I was thinking just get a repair, but went the insurance route. After waiting until Tuesday I called Samsung to see what the repair cost for a cracked glass was, and I found out that they charge $178.50 to repair and to next day air there and back included in that cost.


I called Asurion to cancel and go the Sammy route because I was tired of waiting, and the chance that I could get a used refurbed GS III also help me to come to this decision. They won't cancel, and even though I was never sent the phone they tell me that I can not cancel once I put in a claim. Now this is rediculous in my eyes, what do you guys think. I am going to cancel my TEP and not worry after this is over because I get a years warranty from Samsung, and never had to use insurance ever since being with Sprint, and for 11.00 monthly plus 150.00 deductible I think Sammy repairing is cheaper if you have a case "which I didn't at the time that I dropped it 2nd day BTW" and need a crack repair.


I am not worrying about theft, and on my second line want a Nexus when it comes out at years end possibly, and my luck with holding onto and maintaining a phone is stellar so far minus this incident.


You can get a cracked glass repaired for 28.00 more and no TEP cost if you go the route that I am going now because of this. Just a little food for thought is all I am providing with this story!

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    • Sure.. or it can just leave it blank or zero, whatever is easiest for you.
    • Added, and 2 more estimated sites: T-Mobile eNB 876480. Looks like its located at (40.62210996397784, -73.97627312607108), as the tower looks like a Sprint setup. T-Mobile eNB 875632. Both this site and Sprint eNB 9022 seem to be located at (40.61640722407462, -73.96985178560767).
    • Many of these sites I am uploading are for sites that do not exist, yet.  Although, I suppose I could go into NR only mode every time I connect to a new site, and then switch back, allowing all the TAC NR trails that occur to now have a home. Ideally, I would love to ne able to add the TAC's myself.  I have the NR Trails CSV file downloaded, and I see all the TAC-less NR entries.  Is there any way I can edit and manually upload them myself?  Maybe create a portal for such an upload?  Or at least give me a way to create at least one manual entry for every new site? Robert
    • Could we send the TAC as -1 if it’s invalid? Then, if there’s and existing site that matches the other info, I could match the web data entry up with it (despite the TAC being absent). 
    • Mine has been enabled.  And they show up in my device logs with the TAC null. Robert
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