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Battery level vs connection type


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I don't know what the connection optimizer is? I was traveling through St. Joesph, NO yesterday and should have had an LTE signal, but all I got on I-29 was EVDO Rev A.D.


Yes my connection was set to LTE/CDMA.


Wondering if it was because the battery was under 50%?


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AJ had to cycle his connections repeatedly on his EVO LTE to connect in St. Joe.


Robert via CM9 Kindle Fire using Forum Runner

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AJ had to cycle his connections repeatedly on his EVO LTE to connect in St. Joe.


Correct. If I know or suspect that LTE is live in a certain area and wish to connect, I cycle airplane mode. Otherwise, the EVO LTE may connect to LTE right away or may require several minutes to do so -- during which time I may have already exited the area. If you are unwilling to cycle airplane mode to ensure LTE connection where available, then the EVO LTE -- as it stands right now -- may not be a good handset for you.



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    • New oddity since the Feb security patch and a carrier services upgrade, no matter if Wifi is turned on or off, I'm seeing a Wifi 4 connection to an unknown ssid.  Airplane mode, etc didn't get rid of it. Connecting to my home wifi (which turned into Wifi 5) then disconnecting resolved the issue. Not sure where/why the ghost was coming from
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