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Battery level vs connection type


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I don't know what the connection optimizer is? I was traveling through St. Joesph, NO yesterday and should have had an LTE signal, but all I got on I-29 was EVDO Rev A.D.


Yes my connection was set to LTE/CDMA.


Wondering if it was because the battery was under 50%?


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AJ had to cycle his connections repeatedly on his EVO LTE to connect in St. Joe.


Correct. If I know or suspect that LTE is live in a certain area and wish to connect, I cycle airplane mode. Otherwise, the EVO LTE may connect to LTE right away or may require several minutes to do so -- during which time I may have already exited the area. If you are unwilling to cycle airplane mode to ensure LTE connection where available, then the EVO LTE -- as it stands right now -- may not be a good handset for you.



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