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FBI - No fan of Steve Jobs


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The FBI wrote up a 191 page report on the background of Steve Jobs when he was about to be appointed as George H.W. Bush's Export Council. Their report was not kind to the late Apple CEO. The FBI painted him as a drug-using liar with questionable ethics and morality. The FBI must not think too highly of our elected officials as they referred to Jobs saying he “possesses the qualities to assume a high level political position”.


What are your thoughts on the late CEO who oversaw the introduction of one of the most revolutionary devices the mobile world has ever seen, but also swore to spend Apple's last dime to stomp out Android, sounding like a crazy, jealous ex lover.


Read more: http://news.techeye.net/business/fbi-report-paints-jobs-as-amoral-drug-taking-liar#ixzz1lzef6aVY


FBI report here http://vault.fbi.gov/steve-jobs/steve-jobs-part-01-of-01/view

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To me, Jobs was a dictorial visionary. It was his way or no way, but to be an entrepreneur you have to have that attitude to get ahead insome fields, its just not a people pleasing, team player type type of behavior.


By the way, I thought the FBI stopped doing this type of thing when J. Edger Hoover went to the big courthouse in the sky?

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I work in Los Alamos. Everyone at the Lab has FBI files. And those with clearances have very significant FBI files. You would be horrified to know what the FBI knows about you.

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I wonder what they thought about my screen name' date=' I'm probably on some watch list somewhere...


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