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FBI - No fan of Steve Jobs


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The FBI wrote up a 191 page report on the background of Steve Jobs when he was about to be appointed as George H.W. Bush's Export Council. Their report was not kind to the late Apple CEO. The FBI painted him as a drug-using liar with questionable ethics and morality. The FBI must not think too highly of our elected officials as they referred to Jobs saying he “possesses the qualities to assume a high level political position”.


What are your thoughts on the late CEO who oversaw the introduction of one of the most revolutionary devices the mobile world has ever seen, but also swore to spend Apple's last dime to stomp out Android, sounding like a crazy, jealous ex lover.


Read more: http://news.techeye.net/business/fbi-report-paints-jobs-as-amoral-drug-taking-liar#ixzz1lzef6aVY


FBI report here http://vault.fbi.gov/steve-jobs/steve-jobs-part-01-of-01/view

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To me, Jobs was a dictorial visionary. It was his way or no way, but to be an entrepreneur you have to have that attitude to get ahead insome fields, its just not a people pleasing, team player type type of behavior.


By the way, I thought the FBI stopped doing this type of thing when J. Edger Hoover went to the big courthouse in the sky?

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I work in Los Alamos. Everyone at the Lab has FBI files. And those with clearances have very significant FBI files. You would be horrified to know what the FBI knows about you.

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I wonder what they thought about my screen name' date=' I'm probably on some watch list somewhere...


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S4GRU is now mobile...posted via Forum Runner

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    • I like VICE.  They actually report on news no one else is willing to report. A lot of the places they go no sane person would want to be there.  They put their life on the line in many cases to get a story. From stories about the avocado wars in Mexico, being in the front lines against ISIS and Ukraine, to being embedded with terrorist organizations.   FAA might have some conspiracy 5G nut on their team or something.  At work ever year we have some one come in and say "hey, can you turn off the WIFI in my room? I don't want its radiation".  It doesn't make sense and their reasoning is always uneducated conspiracy. I can see someone coming into my office and acting crazy over C band disregarding everything else.
    • I think on esims it depends on how they implement it. If you can freely activate them on one phone while having it loaded on many that would be great.   I will let you know when I see Boost Mobile native 5g live here. So far no sign of even the plmn being active which I figure will be my first indicator. I look at changing networks with the TNX Sim and seem to get a full list of all carriers and their alternate plmns.
    • This is a result of the change I mentioned above, sparked by @PedroDaGr8 trying to log AT&T cells with a non-AT&T SIM that was reporting "out of service" but still capturing cell info. For the moment (subject to change as I keep testing and getting feedback), the "Connecting to" prefix will disappear when you connect in a scenario like that. I may adjust it to show a special prefix like "Limited LTE" or "No Data LTE" to make it more clear what is going on, but I also need to make sure that's only appearing at the proper times. When you were seeing just "LTE" in your screenshots, was there anything unusual about your connection? I see the app indicated you couldn't make calls; could you transfer data? Can you send a diagnostic report next time you see that?   I'm seeing this more frequently, unfortunately -- it has something to do with Android's power saving efforts I believe. Was the app in the foreground when it happened? When the screen updates, the notification and home screen widget are also updated -- but as seen with the widget for the past couple of years, Android doesn't always execute the update. I'm constantly trying to find ways around these limitations, since the app is useless if it's displaying stale data.
    • Bleh, hope not.  The eSIM is a huge step backwards to the bad old days and I have no desire to encourage their use. But in any event, maybe I should get Boost service, then, if people are already seeing it.  I can use it for AT&T until Dish native gear goes live in this area.  Have to ponder that a bit. - Trip
    • The T-Mobile and AT&T sims could also be basically generic MVNO sims. Hoping if they need a new sim, it's esim. I did hear that testers did get one.  Analyzing cellmapper data appeared to show it was found by people using the T-Mobile sim.
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