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I'll be testing/tethering in Fort Worth 7/18...


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Just added the $20 Mobile Hotspot (2GB) plan to my account, since I'd like to test out LTE on something other than my phone (without rooting it) when I'm in Fort Worth Wed-Sun, and the San Antonio area Sun-Tue. It'll be hard to hold myself to just 2GB, but that should be enough data to thoroughly test how fast Sprint LTE is once it's live in those regions.


I'll probably cancel the addon once I get back to Colorado though, since I do have other ways of getting connectivity on the go (T-Mobile HSPA+ data stick and Verizon LTE iPad). But the tethering plan should be fun while it lasts (and a heck of a better deal versus Verizon's 1GB, $20 plan).


EDIT: According to the Sites Complete map, I'll be ~1.22 miles from one completed site, and ~2.07 from another, when I've arrived at my destination in Fort Worth.

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I'll probably cancel the addon once I get back to Colorado though, since I do have other ways of getting connectivity on the go (T-Mobile HSPA+ data stick and Verizon LTE iPad). But the tethering plan should be fun while it lasts (and a heck of a better deal versus Verizon's 1GB, $20 plan).


Is this $20/month add-on service prorated per day, like the previous service priced at $30/month was?

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If you remove it before the end of the bill cycle it will pro rate.


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Good to know. My billing cycle goes from the 8th to the 7th of each month, so I'll end up well within the refund period (will probably kill the addon sometime on the 25th). I'm curious though what wuld happen if I used, say, 1.5GB or so during that less-than-half-a-month that I have tethering...I suppose the system prorates by days rather than by megabytes but I'll find out soon enough.


If it does prorate per-day, I may re-add the mobile hotspot feature again in mid-August, just in case Time Warner Cable doesn't arrive as scheduled to install 'net in my new place...though I do have a T-Mobile data stick with 5GB per month that I could also use :P

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    • Sounds like an awesome project—keep us posted on how it’s going! Also—if you’re able to figure out logging, I can work with you to get the data uploaded to SignalCheck. 
    • Yesterday, I saw a post on Facebook from an old friend about the Evolve III Maestro, a $60 laptop (at Micro Center) that apparently has an LTE modem in it.  Specifically, the Quectel EC25-AF*.  The nearest Micro Center was sold out of new ones, but offered open box at $48.  So for $51 after tax, I walked out this morning with one.  An absolute steal. I backed up the Windows product key and then put Kubuntu 22.04 on it.  I spent a lot of time today trying to get the build tools installed so I could get the wifi module installed and running, and once I did that, I pretty quickly got to sending it modem commands, which I've never done before.  I don't have a SIM in it yet, but it does seem to function as it should.  (I figured out the command to get Timing Advance values out of it, but without a SIM, I doubt it would have such values.) Now I'm trying to puzzle out how to write some kind of script or small program to use it for logging purposes.  I think I've worked out how to send commands to it from bash using socat, but I need to pick specific commands to run.  I'd actually like to replace some of my phones with this if I can get it to record cells, with GPS, and cycle through a set of bands repeatedly.  My current phone collection consists of 9 phones other than my main S21FE, and they require babysitting while I'm logging.  It'd be nice to pare that down to a more reasonable number and let the computer do the work, hopefully in the back seat with less babysitting. - Trip ===== * Per the spec sheet, it supports B2/4/5/12/13/14/66/71.  That'd cover all of Verizon and US Cellular LTE, all but B29/30 on AT&T, and all but B41 and Sprint Keep on B26 for T-Mobile. 
    • More bizarre.  I just updated my other Ace without issue. - Trip  
    • Looking over the data so far, bidders can go back and reopen bidding on licenses that appeared settled. In the list below, not all counties are listed and only states with excess demand.  Typically 3 licenses per county for rural areas and some urban areas. Here is how many licenses per state had demand greater than supply: State count AK 3 AL 14 AR 3 AS 6 AZ 9 CA 12 CO 76 DE 6 FL 10 GA 66 GU 3 HI 3 IA 99 ID 47 IL 39 IN 43 KS 231 KY 23 LA 14 MA 5 MD 16 ME 1 MI 86 MN 9 MO 79 MP 12 MS 73 MT 69 NC 26 ND 109 NE 18 NH 13 NJ 6 NM 51 NV 24 NY 13 OH 29 OK 9 OR 30 PA 24 PR 25 SC 20 SD 83 TN 76 TX 236 UT 49 VA 22 VT 5 WA 65 WI 59 WV 26 WY 29
    • Looks like Dish has already taken back the 5x5 of n71 they leased to T-Mobile, and instead of narrowing NR here T-Mobile has gone for broke and made 600 NR-only. They can afford to do that here thanks to B12, and don't need to do that west of here because they weren't leasing 600 from Dish. Does mean that Dish is 10x10 for n71 here (which explains the 30ish Mbps upload peak I saw yesterday). Darned speculators hogging the remainder of the band So T-Mobile is running 140 + 15x15 MHz sub-6 NR here. AT&T is 40 + 15-45x15-45 (15x15 n5, occasional 15x15 DSS on n2 and/or n66 though I haven't seen both in the same area). VZW is 60 + 15x15, with the latter being n2 DSS. Wonder how soon VZW will try n48.
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