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Additional 100.00 off NEW Lines of Service through July 14


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I have not seen this posted anywhere so thought I would add it. Anyone starting a NEW line of service with Sprint can receive a $100.00 American Express Gift Card for opening the line. I found this when I logged into my account on July 6 after activating 2 new lines on July 5. The promotion is in effect till July 14. Of course you pay full new line price at the time of ordering and wait to receive your Gift Card in the mail, but still a 100.00 savings.



I did a chat with Sprint and asked about it being retroactive for my 2 new lines. The rep stated that she could not do that. She told me to cancel the 2 new lines and then reorder them to get the discount. Yes this would be possible as I still had 13 days left of the 14 day trial program.

I called Employee Care and advised them I needed to cancel the 2 new lines on my EPRP account. I did explain them what I was planning on doing to get the additional 100.00 per line. I also stated that this was not a good idea for them as they would get back 2 perfectly good phones used for 2 days that they would have to use as refurbished and loose 2 additional new units to replace them. The rep asked if he could call me back as he wanted to check into this for me. The rep did call me back in about a half hour and agreed to credit my account 200.00 instead of me returning the phones.

After being disappointed in loosing my SP Gold status and annual upgrades, I am again happy with Sprint Customer Service and my new EVO LTE. :tu:

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