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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 8 January 2012


Hey everyone,


I'm Stephen from St. Louis. I have been around the site for a while now but decided to join and start sharing my input. I am a software developer and kernel modder. I own a business designing and implementing websites and web applications called Streamline Logix. And I am an avid Sprint fan. I have been with Sprint for a number of years now have been developing and working with Android devices for coming on 3 years now. I think the Admin here is doing a great job. The articles and responses are always technologically knowledgeable and show some real enthusiasm for what is happening in Sprint.


I am currently running the Samsung Epic 4G Touch with a custom kernel of my own creation (very stock with CWM, CPU frequency scaling, and SU).


Can't wait to see network vision in full force!

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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 9 January 2012



Thanks Stephen. I'm already enjoying your posts and interactions on the site. I like to be able to openly discuss things related to Sprint and the Now Network. I appreciate the level of interest and knowledge you bring to the discussions. Welcome and glad to see you join our growing group.


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    • Pace picks up a bit.  Round 23.  About 86% now "uncontested" and $223 Million total.  Down to 159 licenses without bids.
    • https://www.lightreading.com/5g/the-quiet-brilliance-of-t-mobiles-5g-spectrum-strategy/a/d-id/779589? Basically Money savings on 2.5 mostly rural auction are funding 600MHz purchases.  Also mentions continuing purchases of 2.5 outright. Likely understates the amount of MHz. Auction going slightly faster with 4 auction sessions per day now, but still less than 80% "settled".  After 18 rounds it is at $190 Million, with $400 to $800 Million expected. could go on for another month.  check here for updates about 1 hour after each round: https://www.sashajavid.com/FCC_Auction108.php#county_details_table_overlay
    • Yeah, I went up to Kitsap on Friday. Was able to connect to several n41 sites as SA only in Port Orchard, Bremerton and Silverdale.  However, I could not get any throughput.  It would say Mobile Data Suspended.  n41 NSA would throughput just fine. Was pushing 500-800 Mbps. I don't know if it was the network at the time or my device causing the failure for data throughput. It was the exact same result on every site I connected to.  I'm on a normal Tmo Postpaid SIM.  Nothing unusual.  LG V60. Robert n41 SA   n41 NSA
    • I did mention it before, but I don't remember if I did post a picture of it, so I did a 2-for-1 special the second time around. Ah, so that is what I saw. I walk by Boys and Girls field if the C train takes forever to show up in the late evening, but I cared more about getting home than investigating it lol
    • August update finally arrived for S22+ unlocked tonight 👍
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