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Sprint 4G Strategy Update Conference - Our Facebook Wall Comments (Part 2)



blog-0433112001329097016.jpgHere is Part Two of the Chat Transcripts from today's 4G Strategy Update Conference. Click here for Part One. Thanks for those of you who joined in the chat. It's been removed from the wall to remove the "pollution." LOL


It works in chat format, so it's backwards in time...




Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

FARED ADIB: Most 2011 and all 2012 devices will support 800MHz CDMA voice

  • Daves Williams No nexus s.... ?
  • Jason Reuschlein Most except.. Nexus, Photon.. oh and that iPhone thing
  • Daves Williams Then that only leaves the EVO 3D
  • Joshua McDaniel Does that include the Evo Shift 4G? It is a 2011 device.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Photon uses 800...http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/ci.MOTOROLA-PHOTON-4G-US-EN.alt
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates So does Samsung Epic Touch... http://www.samsung.c...710ZKASPR-specs
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Supposedly, Evo Shift has 800: http://www.phonearen...Shift-4G_id4979
  • Jason Reuschlein That isn't the ESMR band though. Compare the FCC docs (you can look them up on phonescoop.com) on the Photon vs. the EVO 3D for example. There are 2 800MHz bands on the 3D, 1 on the Photon
  • Jason Reuschlein In fact, the 3D and other ESMR devices have a different PRL due to that fact


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

FARED ADIB: Sprint has received approval from 3GPPP to use and run LTE on 1900. First network to do it.

  • Johnny Berti Is 1900 good?
  • Danny Cooper Somebody needs to explain the difference between these frequencies...
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I will at the end, if no one else does


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

FARED ADIB: I will not be talking specifically about devices. So this is going to be disappointing...

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Generic speak about devices only. Snoozeville!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates FARED ADIB: We are very happy about getting the iPhone
  • Danny Cooper About to bring out the iPhone 5! :)
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates FARED ADIB: (Paraphrased) Our customers don't know jack about 4G
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Tell me about it Fared. We'd have to experience it to know it!!!!
  • Jason Reuschlein ‎1X Advanced!
  • Greg Rowland Yup, saw that too. Wonder if they'll announce when it'll actually be out in the wild?
  • Sam DiPiazza Iphone.... Snoozeville is right
  • Jeff Keyseear Wow, i guess that is how they will justify selling 4g devices that will never use 4g... "just tell the customer they need a better device to use it... they wont know any better!"
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Jeff - Expect WiMax device sales to instantly stagnate.
  • Jason Reuschlein I thought even the original EVO supported 1X advanced?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates All 1xRTT are at least backwards compatible with 1xA. But that was surprising to me too.


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

ATTENTION NEW FANS! Wondering why there are so many posts popping up on your wall? We are live blogging the Sprint 4G Strategy Update Conference in New York, New York. This doesn't happen all the time. MORE LIVE BLOGGING AFTER THE BREAK!

  • Eric Puddy So are they going to have a market lists that will be covered like other carriers?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I hope so. Verizon posted a list of markets for the year, without dates. And then when a city gets within 30 days or so, they announced the specific cities dates. I want Sprint to do the same!
  • Harold Achong Yea Eric, Tulsa Oklahoma was going to be the 1st market city. lol wishful thinking.
  • Harold Achong Not yet, but hopeful.
  • Joshua McDaniel Wow, Clearwire has taken a brutal beating today.
  • Eric Puddy why didn't we just appoint more of the board and be done with it?


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

20 Minute Break...wasn't that talk from the Network Vision partners a break??? LOL

  • Rodney Greene What is this music? Jeeez!
  • Greg Rowland ‎...lol, listen Rodney, hey can't be spending all sorts of cash after the massive cash dump to Apple, and their new, more aggressive rollout plan. :D
  • Robert Kent Are they talking about phones yet?
  • Greg Rowland ‎*all sorts of cash on music that is.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Robert...I think Devices are at the end of the agenda.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Rodney...sounds like a cheap casino cabaret fill in artist, eh?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Greg...very true!!!
  • Kendrick Allen was the cash dump to apple true?
  • Barry Zeringue No mention of Rev. B yet, and I am very confident there won't be any at all.
  • I love my Android phone I don't see the Iphone doing as well as they predict.
  • Jason Robinson So not much gonna. Happen in till mid 2012 but what then we has to upgrade new device when LTE is active
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Kendrick...I think so. But still unconfirmed beyond the WSJ.
  • Jason Robinson EVO 4g is or is gonna be waste now for me
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates ILMAP...I don't know. Part of me wants it to for Sprints sake. Part of me is doubtful that it will the panacea everyone thinks.
  • Jason Robinson Since Wimax is out for Rhodes that have evo 4g in no area of 4g is pretty much screwed over
  • Daves Williams If there's a Rev b it wont be till IDEN is completely dead
  • Daves Williams EVO4g was EOL not to long ago.
  • Jason Robinson Sad day for me then
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I don't think we're going to hear Revision B uttered today, unless someone asks about it on Q&A. They are banking on LTE. And they will refarm EVDO spectrum for LTE over time. That's where they are going.
  • Jason Robinson What about evdo a
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates EVDO-A is getting better coverage and faster speeds. It will be on every Sprint tower with Network Vision. No more 1x data only towers...eventually.
  • Jason Robinson So will EVO 4g see 4g LTE
  • Jeff Keyseear Its weird that theyre going to be eol wimax devices currently being released (like the g2) less than a year after their release. Unless of course they will work on lte, which the device teardown should have revealed and did not (sigh)
  • Chris Lenton people getting screwed out of their upgrades and having it pushed back to April 1, 2012 makes a bit more sense now.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Network Vision Corporate Partners: Alcatel/Lucent, Samsung and Ericsson on stage. Not much meat being discussed. Stay tuned...

  • Brad Moses looks like samsung is doing iowa, hopefully they don't create networks like they do phones.... *shakes fist at my old transform*
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates New Mexico is Ericsson.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I hope they don't say anything important here. I'm having a hard tiem paying attention. Need to run to my Keurig for more caffeine!
  • Brad Moses and 20 minute break, go get that caffeine!!!!!!!!!
  • Danny Cooper ‎20 minute break now...
  • Jerald Whitaker ‎20 min break
  • Richard Reyna San Diego is alcatel-lucent! I got to love it because they were the ones that set up Cox's "test" LTE network in San Diego. I hope they learned a thing or two so that deployment will be smooth.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates What did I ever do before I bought a Keurig? I love instanta coffee. Ahhh...now I'm better.


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

I will try to make Summary Narrative at the end. I will also be doing Q&A and responses to Users. Stay tuned.

  • Michael Yim Did you capture the coverage map from earlier in the presentation?


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

BOB AZZI: There will be LTE markets in 2012 that currently do not have WiMax. ME: Phoenix, Detroit, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City San Diego, maybe?

  • Richard McGee Hope so. :)
  • Daves Williams New orleans I know...CITA 2012 is in new orleans in may
  • Barry Zeringue New Orleans?
  • Jason Russ Holy s**t!!
  • Jason Robinson What about us herkimer ny
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Sorry I missed New Orleans in my hypothesis. Trying to think and type fast. :)
  • Brian Jones still have to wait for Bakersfield Ca how SAD
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Nothing specific yet to markets, Brian. Stay tuned.
  • Brian Jones ya im listening to it now still nothing
  • Kendrick Allen ‎3G speeds are horrible in New Orleans right now!
  • Kendrick Allen Oh, coupled with a very small 4G foot print!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Kendrick...true, true.
  • Justin Cate Oh, the mention of Detroit was just a postulation? =(
  • Brad Trimmer Hopefully Dayton/Springfield Ohio!
  • Brad Moses cough*des moines*cough
  • Ryan P. Burkhead Louisville!
  • Brad Trimmer If the Lions win the Super Bowl and the Tigers win the world series. then they should be first.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Brad...I can support that thinking!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Justin...the second sentence was mine. Drawing conclusions.
  • Daves Williams Lions wont win the Super Bowl.....Detroit can't have 2 champs in one year. Sports gods wont allow it.
  • Brad Trimmer I'm a Bengals fan, I'm a dreamer...lol
  • Steven Fernández Puerto Rico?
  • Sam DiPiazza Huntsville, AL?!?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I think San Juan will likely be in the first 120 markets. Sprint loves Puerto Rico...as do I!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates If they go in size order (which I am guessing they are), Huntsville would likely be beginning 2013 for LTE. I want more details, though!
  • Jeff Wolfe We will see if it comes to Milwaukee in 2012. I won't hold my breath because they said wimax would be here Feb. 2011 & it's not.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

BOB AZZI: We used WiMax to get out to market early. But now don't worry, LTE is better. It's the next step. LTE is faster. Can get broader coverage in NV. Seamless 3G/4G handoff.

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates LTE is not faster, Bob. I'm sick of this tag line.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates The Network Vision 4G slide of New York is impressive.
  • Jason Russ WOW!!!
  • Jason Russ Bring on some more!!!
  • Brad Moses he said "most advanced latest LTE" but he didn't say "LTE Advanced".... wonder which one it is
  • Brad Moses also looks like they will be going to more new markets with LTE before going back to current wimax markets
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Yeah, the overlapping slide, says it all, huh?
  • Eric Chan ‎@Brad Most likely Release 8 since that is what is currently deployed right now on verizon and att
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Eric - I'm with you. That's my guess.
  • John Sorrenti I'm going shopping at the Verizon store I'm sick of sprints crap maybe even get a bionic


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

BOB AZZI: I'm going to get deep in your basement! (with deep penetrating 800MHz action) LOL

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Kind of creepy, Bob!
  • Jason Russ Ya buddy!!!!
  • Rai Diaz No comment.....
  • Jason Robinson Wow what this mean
  • Ryan Baughn Yikes.some of ua might like that...so keep it clean lmao
  • Jason Russ Lower spectrum better penetration in buildings
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates He said it, not me. :P
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Maybe I paraphrased a tad little bit. > :)


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

3G IMPROVEMENTS: Better signal coverage, faster data speeds, better in building penetrations, better coverage. 800 MHZ CDMA expansion

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Important to iPhone users...LOL
  • Rob Hilton I'll believe it when it happens..
  • Danny Cooper Wow, that map is amazing.
  • Merl Bonham When?
  • Jason Russ Love it man love it!!!
  • Carlten Green Columbia, South Carolina here....any chances its coming here soon?
  • Jason Reuschlein FYI: the iPhone 4S does NOT support the 800MHz ESMR band!
  • Jeremiah Wenzel Hope this effects my area as the 3g connections have been really crappy in many parts of my home town :(
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Jason Reuschlein...that is what is appears at the moment. The specs are very vague and say 800 CDMA, which is believed to be 850 Cellular for Verizon. If true, the deep basment penetration won't be happening for iPhone customers.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Carlten...Columbia's position in all this is still unknown. Stay tuned.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Merl...some things (like backhaul improvements) are starting to happen now. Other points will happen as Network Vision gets to your market in 2012 or 2013.
  • Richard Owens ‎3G speds have definitely increased across GA. Albany, GA's 3G was down for the past 6 months. Tried it the other day and got 1.5 MBPS! You couldn't even use Sprint for data. It would always time out. I mainly forced roam all the time I was working down there so I could use Alltel or Verizon's 3G.
  • John Sorrenti Yeah my 3g has been sucking too in Columbia SC.....after all I've heard today the big V looking good


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

REMINDER: During Live Blog of conference, wall posts by users are being blocked and removed.

  • No comments.


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Sprint Direct Connect has virtually same performance for PTT that iDEN has.

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Getting really good feedback from beta customers.
  • 4 hours ago ·
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates PTT on CDMA will go to 2.7M miles from 900k miles
  • 4 hours ago ·
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Square miles, that is
  • 4 hours ago ·


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

BOB AZZI: Work on 22,000 towers already under way.

  • Steven Fernández My bet is we don't see anything real till end of 2012.
  • Danny Cooper Side note: Sprint stock is up almost 8.5% already this morning.
  • Andy Robinson which ones?!?
  • Abram Wenevermet Dennis ‎2015
  • Brad Moses and clearwires stock is dropping
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I bet it is. Sprint has written them off as a loss.
  • Jason Russ Yes man!!!
  • Danny Cooper Up almost 11% now... damn, should have bought some Monday
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Danny Day Trader?


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

BOB AZZI: 4G LTE will be on our own spectrum.

  • Johnny Berti and 2 others like this.
  • Daves Williams ‎4g LTE test calls?
  • Daves Williams VoLTE?
  • Enrique Evangelista V huuumm.....they field tested equipment, prototype sprint lte phone
  • Cameron Spraguey locations for lte?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates No specific locations mentioned. However, it;s going with Network Vision deployment. Which we know starts with the 8 Largest Metros. But Sprint says it's going to 120 markets next year. That's darn fast for Sprint. Finally, something to measure by!


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Sprint trying to secure more spectrum for long term.

ME: Maybe some 700-D block action?

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Sounds like a big middle finger for Clearwire!!!
  • Jason Robinson Wow no Wimax then
  • Rai Diaz More like 2 - One from Sprint and one from Lightsquared
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Rai...Clearwire's stock is taking a pummeling.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Sprint tried negotiating with them, but their terms were unreasonable having Sprint front everything for them. Looks like Sprint told them to pound sand.


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

STEVE ELFMAN: We are leaving T1 backhaul and going to fiber and microwave. Chosen site by site, depending on conditions.

  • No Comments



Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

STEVE ELFMAN: We believe we can handle iPhone on our network. Offloading, more efficient devices. The iPhone is more efficient on the network. Continue our network investment and capacity. Especially through Network Vision.

  • Steven Fernández I wonder that being more efficient means? Sounds like marketing speak.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates A little, probably. Some details of how wold be nice.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

WIMAX: You're out. Just got the boot! Will be supported. WiMax devices through June 2012. Then no more.

  • Merl Bonham WOW!!!! Only until June? That's aggressive.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Will be supported for years. But don't expect anything meaningful new. :(
  • Jason Malone So no more rollout of 4g or what? I mean wtf? Investors will be pissed.
  • Brad Moses not looking good for REV B either :(
  • Jason Malone I am pissed
  • Richard Owens Works for me, lol. My contract with my Epic is up in June, just in time to get a LTE device! :)
  • Danny Cooper I wonder what the Wifi offload technology will be?
  • Jason Malone Well when I say 4g, I am referring to my 4G, WiMax...
  • Steven Fernández No need to switch to sprint at this point.
  • Jason Malone ‎@Richard Owens... Not good for me I just bought a new 4G Device... WoW!!!!!!
  • Sam DiPiazza So, me and my evo are up the creek here in Huntsville?
  • Nate Burger I guess so, like me and my Evo in Dayton, OH. I should have known I was being bullpooted when I signed up and they said 4G was coming to my area "really soon". Sigh.
  • Richard Ruffner ‎@Nate I was surprised that Dayton never got 4g, since we got EVO rev b pretty quickly
  • Joe Lienau Has there actually been a rollout of Wimax in any meaningful markets this year? I live in one of the most populated suburban areas in the country outside of NYC, and have nothing.
  • Jason Malone RIDICULOUS!
  • Justin Cate That is ridiculous... Having just bought an Evo 3D and finding out Detroit is up the creek without a paddle...
  • Daves Williams THe thing is clear can is still roll out wimax if it wants, its just sprint doesn't care how they do it. They've moved on.
  • John Sorrenti Hmmmmm evo3d thought it would continue on as a flagship......looks like it just sunk in places like Columbia SC


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

NETWORK VISION: Moved up to 24 months, from the previous discussed 3 to 5 years.

  • No comments.


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

LTE DEPLOYMNET: It is going to be rapid. First markets Mid-2012. Largely complete by end of 2013.

  • Enrique Evangelista V w00t!
  • Andy Robinson By the time i am up for handset upgrade, LTE - MIGHT- be here!yea!
  • Rai Diaz Sprint:120 markets in 6 months? Challenge accepted!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Lots for us to cover here, Rai!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates The Sprint 4G Rllout Updates page will be hopping with updates for the next 24 months...hopefully.


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

STEVE ELFMAN: 800 LTE, hopefully in the future!!!

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I guess they are waiting for the complete decommissioning of iDEN.
  • Brad Moses looks like wimax and clearwire getting the boot, mentioned lightsquared and the 1600 spectrum they have
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Yes Yoda, I think you're right.
  • Jason Robinson Yayy


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

STEVE ELFMAN: Network Vision breaks into 2 categories. Multi-mode towers, and multi-technology chipsets for devices

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates INtegrated chipsets! Brign 'em on!!!
  • Barry Zeringue He mentioned LTE at 1.6 Lightsquared???



Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

STEVE ELFMAN: LTE is certianly what we're announcing here today...on our 1900 spectrum! No mention of 800!

  • Rai Diaz LTE on 800 will be available in the future


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

DAN HESSE: We will be utilizing 800/1900 networks to the maximum of their ability.

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Details! I want details about 800 ESMR!!!
  • Rai Diaz I would like to know as well
  • Brad Moses LTE on 1900 spectrum
  • Jason Reuschlein LTE on 1900!?
  • Enrique Evangelista V ‎1900 LTE
  • Daves Williams integrated device chipset


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

DAN HESSE: iDEN Network going away. But PTT is going to be a part of the new single network. Button pushers are going to be moved to a world class PTT network.

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates No new news here.
  • Danny Cooper Did audio just go dead for anyone else?
  • Mark H. Tyler For us HomeGamer's, what is iDEN and PTT, because I'm on 3g right now and it isn't clear to me what a world class PTT does.
  • Mark H. Tyler ‎...although I am glad it is a world class PTT of course.
  • Rai Diaz PTT is Push to Talk
  • Mark H. Tyler thx for that!
  • Merl Bonham PTT= Push To Talk
  • Daves Williams sprint direct connect was launched sunday


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

DAN HESSE: Taking Sprint to the next level...the iPhone

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Yes, subsidies are higher on the iPhone.
  • Rai Diaz I knew he was going to mention the iPhone in some way.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates The iPhone "will be the most profitable device" for Sprint.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates iPhone will contribute to our cash flow
  • Danny Cooper iPhone = high profit. Means that Android phones do use more network capacity
  • Brad Moses didn't know boost ran on iden O_O
  • Brad Moses lol, utilize existing assets before going after others
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates You mean they haven't been maximizing their existing network? LOL
  • Donna Guffee Appleget Is there a recording of this somewhere?



Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Sorry folks...we are covering this. But Dan Hesse is rambling about brand. Stay tuned. I'm posting meaningful threads. I'm waiting for some meat!

  • Danny Cooper Dan needs to watch some old Steve Jobs keynotes... this babbling is awful.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Exactly! Steve was convincing because he lived it. He knew every decision. He was directly apart of it. He loved it. It was his life. This is something else...
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I guess we have to remember he's talking to investors. :(
  • Brad Moses well at least it shows they are improving with adding customers....
  • Devin Wilson Also remember this is an investor call. That said, i agree with you guys.
  • Brian Jones where is the live feed that you are watching
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Listening...http://investors.sprint.com/GenPage.aspx?IID=4057219&GKP=1073745942
  • Brad Moses and here comes the iphone ?
  • Jason Reuschlein Hesse admitted the iPhone is higher in initial cost


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

DAN HESSE: Sprint brand stands for simplicity and value!

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Simplicity costs less. Thus Network Vision.
  • Enrique Evangelista V ‎*agree
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I'm here for the value. OTW, I'd go to Verizon. :)
  • Steven Fernández I'm here for fast 4g.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Brand, brand, blah, blah. Let's talk about Network!!!
  • Jason Reuschlein Gary Kelly smiles
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates DAN HESSE: I like to over simplify.
  • Well that sure explains a lot about Sprint's missteps!
  • Eric Puddy sorry to bother, should there be video instead of just sound?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Nope. Sprint isn't offering video, just audio. Their network can't handle it...yet.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates LOL
  • Rai Diaz I see what you did there.


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Here we go!!!

  • Danny Cooper No video? Boo!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates SEC disclaimer live! Too funny
  • Jason Reuschlein Remember.. Actual results may vary. lol
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Dan Hesse coming on stage now...
  • Rai Diaz No video?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Detroit Tigers joke...
  • Jason Reuschlein Go Brewers! btw :)


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

2 Minute Warning...Get to your seats!!!

  • Rai Diaz Got mine!
  • Steven Fernández I can only find room in the back.
  • Anthony Evans Jr Dan hesse has horrid jokes


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

THIS IS HOW IT'S GOING TO WORK...I will post highlights as new threads so people following along at work and on mobile devices do not have to keep scrolling through threads to find out what's going on. They can just hit refresh on the Main Page and get a list of what's going on.


During the conference, user posts will be blocked/removed from the Wall. However, feel free to comment in the threads below the posts. 7 Minutes before the fun begins!!!

  • Eric Puddy what site is the release on
  • Ryan Baughn cant wait!!! just wanna know more about wimax!!!
  • Brandon Gleaton Please keep us posted on ur page. I can't watch it live. I'm in class. Pleaseeeeeeee lol.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates We are. Stay tuned. Just 20 more minutes!


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