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Sprint 4G Strategy Update Conference - Our Facebook Wall Comments (Part 1)



blog-0517760001329096609.jpgHere is Part One of the Chat Transcripts from today's 4G Strategy Update Conference. Click here for Part Two. Thanks for those of you who joined in the chat. It's been removed from the wall to remove the "pollution." LOL


It works in chat format, so it's backwards in time...





Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

I guess that questions threw them off! They ended rather abruptly!!!

  • Michael Yim Yeah they did...
  • Justin Cate So no discussion about Rev. B I take it?
  • Garrett Furr That question from that woman just made their stock go down 26 cents!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I'm trying to get the slideshow to download so I can see the Revision B reference on it. I didn't hear anyone mention it verbally!
  • Brad Moses nothing beyond "improvements to the 3G network" which could just be the backhaul upgrades and coverage expansion from network vision
  • Jerald Whitaker Not today but more and more details will come out as the rollout starts
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates All very vague. I wanted more questions!!!
  • Brandon Gleaton So it looks like I'm stuck on slow 3g till the end of my contract.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates ‎3G is getting faster. EVDO-A speeds are all getting upgraded right now. Some people are already seeing improvements.
  • Jason Robinson Wonder if my 3g got faster how would I know the differents
  • Michael Yim Once we have the link to download the slide deck, can you please post it for us I'm having a heck of a time navigating the investor page on Sprints site.
  • Jason Robinson Is it over with?
  • Garrett Furr The Speedtest.net app hasnt worked on my EVO 3D in about 2 weeks. Anyone else having this problem?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Jason - Download Speedtest.net app and check it out. It'll be one tower at a time upgrade though. May take awhile to get to Herkimer. But it may be soon.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Michael - will do!
  • Jeff Keyseear Id say sprint has decided to let clearwire sink or swim without them. The absence of wimax interoperability on devices, however, tells us sprint doesnt forsee even utilizing its usage agreement... so theyre banking on failure. The lack of faith by its majority shareholder may in fact start a windstorm on wall street that brings clear to its knees very, very soon. Is that what sprint was after today? Maybe
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates ‎"Presentation slides can be viewed with the Webcast and will be available for download from this site shortly after the conclusion of the event." I guess it's not shortly enough yet.
  • Jerald Whitaker I'm sure there are not only asset benefits (spectrum) but tax benefits too if they let Clear die.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Jeff - that's the big surprise of the day, if anything. It's amlost the theme...Theme: WiMax out. We're hoeing our own row. Clearwire doomed.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Jerald...probably. They can write off the whole investment as a loss. They can spread that loss over several years on the books to take advantage of taxes.
  • Jason Robinson We should had not want a deal with clear to start with
  • Jason Robinson We just had not went or got involved with them
  • Eric Puddy If Cear goes under they have to disperse the assets. If Sprint was smart I'm sure they arranged it in their favor? Or they coulc be bargaining for a better deal?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Jason - it definitely seemed like the right move at the moment. In hind sight, you're right. Sprint should have kept their own 2500 spectrum, kept Xohm going. Now they could be deploying LTE on their spectrum and Clearwire would already be bankrupt without Sprint. They could gobble up their spectrum for dirt cheap. Hind sight is always 20/20 though, eh?
  • Jason Robinson That time we could of saved our selfsame frustration
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Eric - Assuming Sprint is smart is never a good bet. But I hope they'll play out in this well.
  • Eric Puddy True, not smart at all. They got a great IPhone 5 though. LOL
  • Jason Robinson So I knew we jump right into our own spectum whitch we should of done the Frist place
  • Jason Robinson So we contract with them what we gonna need them for now there failure to bankruptcy and blame that in sprint we should fall out of clear them to shove it
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Hmmm...I'm not sure I follow.
  • Jason Robinson Yup save the 2500 is would of save sprint money
  • Jason Robinson Never should got involved
  • Jason Robinson That 2500 could of got iPhone 5 on this year
  • Garrett Furr If you want to use Speedtest.net download an older version off of 4shared for now and sideload it. The newest version on the Market has issues.


Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

I missed the protection site discussion. DOH!!! Dang phone call!

  • Brad Moses i didn't hear anything about protection sites :(
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates There was a question at the end that I came late into about spectrum protection, FCC requirements, etc. But I didn't catch the question. I should have ignored my phone! What was I thinking? I guess I'll have to wait for transcripts.
  • Jerald Whitaker You can replay the stream i think
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates It will get reposted later today for listening.




Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Q: You talk about Clearwire like their a partner instead of the fact you own them. You sound ridiculous!! Why would you let your company go bankrupt??? Answer to follow...


  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Bad Verizon joke...Can you hear me now???
  • Barry Zeringue wow, that lady was passionate
  • Brad Moses wow, that lady had some balls!
  • Greg Rowland WOW That Lady is brutal. They made the Verizon joke, and she yelled "Not on your network."
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates ANSWER: We care most about our shareholders! Clearwire stinks and has made us suffer.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates ‎"I don't think you know your facts!" ROFLMAO!!!
  • Greg Rowland And now they're getting snippy, telling her she doesn't know her facts and that she's incorrect.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Now this is exciting!!!
  • Michael Yim Undercover Clearwire Rep....
  • Greg Rowland ‎"I think we're finished." Ha
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates DAN HESSE...always the calm head.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates DAN HESSE: We think their bankrputcy, if it occurred would be orderly and the FCC would be involved with transferring licenses, etc.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Michael - ROFL!!!
  • Kendrick Allen transferring licenses, would that be to sprint?
  • Jason Reuschlein Maybe they want them bust
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Kendrick - yes. That's what he's inferring.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Jason...the discussion with them have been so sour. I think Sprint has just completely given up on them. Clearwire wants Sprint to pay all their Network Vision costs if they join NV and they want Sprint to lend them the $900M they want to convert their network to LTE. They won't budge.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Q: Hey! I wanna get a better answer on Clearwire!

A: Ask Clearwire. However, if CW goes bankrupt, we wanna be a part of the discussion. There has never been a wireless BK that involved subscribers being turned off.

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Dan basically said, hell no we are not bailing out Clearwire. They pissed me off. Sink or swim buddy!!!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates They need to come to our terms, and maybe we'll help them.
  • Kendrick Allen clearwire stocks taking a major hit right now!
  • Kendrick Allen could it be lower the price to buy them off!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Maybe

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Q: Lots of WiMax customers are going to be on your network. What are you going to do with them if Clearwire goes bankrupt.

A: We don't know what's going to happen to Clearwire. But we have a contract. And we will continue to talk with them about a long term solution.

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates The rumors of the bad blood with Clearwire during spectrum negotiations must be as bad as purported.
  • Jerald Whitaker Ya Dan was pissy in his response to that one. Can't blame him though really
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I was shocked about the tone of the response. They were mad.
  • Greg Rowland Yeah...and the next guy just asked if they'd fund Clear...lol
  • Brad Moses seriously, i think the people in the audience need to learn to listen, it doesn't matter how many different ways you ask it, the answer will be the same, so stop asking about clearwire and the iphone! >(
  • Jerald Whitaker http://i485.photobuc...31375431474.jpg
  • Harold Achong Cant wait for a response on this lady's question.
  • Jason Reuschlein Clearwire down 27% trading
  • Jon Gebarowski If you aren't in a clearwire serviced area with a Wimax device today... sucks to be you.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Jon...true. But Sprint will LTE to most folks faster than Clearwire ever would get WiMax to them. Even if someone gave CW money. CW once had $6B, and couldn't pull it off. Sprint only needs $10B to do Network Vision and LTE over the entire country in 24 months. CW is obviously very mismanaged.
  • Chris Jones Whoa whoa whoa...They *claim* they will be able to carry out this conversion over the entire country in 24 months. Let's not count our eggs before they are hatched here.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates The conversion is happening with Network Vision. They have already contracted with three separate companies to deploy it. Although, past results creep into my mind, I am cautiously optimistic.
  • Since the work is already contracted out, the only thing could stop it is if Sprint didn't pay their monthly invoices to Alcatel/Lucent, Ericsson and Samsung.
  • Chris Jones I get that Sprint is kind of between a rock and a hard place here - either stick with a company that has proven it isn't efficient at deployment or switch to a new standard that won't really be in place for another year or two. It still feels kind of weird for Sprint to be pushing 4g devices based on wimax that don't really seem to have much of a future at the moment.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Agreed on that point. We can just sit back and watch WiMax device sales plummet. I think it will make the iPhone look more attractive too. Why invest in dying WiMax for a device. You might as well buy a 3G device if you need something now and ride it out to LTE. Or just wait for LTE all together. Or some folks will just leave Sprint. The more I digest today, this really isn't a good news conference all things considered.
  • Brian Heiss The huge unanswered question is: How long will Sprint support WiMax devices like the Nexus S? Agreement with Clearwire ends 12/31/12; will the end of it mean that devices w/ get 4G via WiMax will essentially become 3G devices?
  • Personally this announcement, while great in the long-term, is frustrating due to the termination of Sprint Premiere; as a 10+ year Sprint user the yearly upgrade was a great benefit given because of my loyalty to Sprint and, if Premiere Gold was not terminated this announcement wouldn't impact my (and thousands of other folks) decision because another yearly upgrade would occur prior to then end of the Clearwire/WiMax agreement.
  • Chris Jones Yeah... I have been getting decreased 3g speeds lately on my ego shift and was kinda hoping for 4g to make it here. Now it looks like I will have to hope that sprint carries through on the 3g improvements. I do not consider the current speeds of 50-100 kbps that I'm getting to be acceptable.
  • Chris Jones As I understand it, if you are in a 4g area right now and have a wimax device, great. If not, then you're very ly to ever see 4g on your device
  • Doug Henning I didn't hear that they would drop WIMAX after 12/12... what I heard is they would no longer sell WIMAX phones... they would be selling LTE phones and TRI-MODE data devices.... they've come to the correct decision that WIMAX is not a good mobile 4G.... I live in WIMAX areas and get WIMAX connections that work for a while than drop out as I drive.. any connection is lost and then goes to 3G... I would hope the LTE-3G handoffs would be better... WIMAX is fine stationary...
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I think the big question on WiMax is how long Clearwire will be around to sustain it. If they around in 2013, I'm sure you'll still be able to use it. However, I know by 2013, I won't be rockin' a WiMax device anymore. By then, my Evo would be 2-1/2 years old. LOL
  • Chris Jones I am glad that sprint seems to be moving towards the better standard but it still feels kind of frustrating that it took this long to find out that they needed to essentially hit the restart button.
  • Brian Heiss I hope Sprint has a contingency plan if Clearwire goes under and a plethora of 4G WiMax customers are left 4G-less. I am eligible for my last Premiere Gold upgrade in a few weeks, would you guys suggest waiting for LTE or using it? (I was excited to use it before today's news...)
  • Today's announcement helps me understand that LTE maybe more so than the iPhone was the reason for the termination of the Premiere program.
  • The "New for You" program (horrible brand name by the way: screams used-car dealership or refurbished device) means everyone upgrades every 22 months: While this potentially will provide Sprint with an increased revenue stream in device sales by current customers who want the latest "must-have" device and pay full price rather than wait circa 2 yrs for upgrade. In the end Sprint is sending a clear message about how they value long-term Sprint customers.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I still think Sprint is just firing across Clearwire's bow. They want to send a message to Clearwire...agree to out terms. We are prepared to let you go bankrupt. See, we even took the heat by saying so publicly. Now get back to the negotiating table with reasonable terms!!!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates our terms...not out terms.
  • Brian Heiss It is mind-boggling that such a large corporation wouldn't have a FAQ backgrounder to distribute at the event which would address the question of WiMax 4G support come 1/1/13 considering almost all of their current/upcoming 4G devices use WiMax and a ton customers who have gotten a Sprint 4G recently won't be eligible to upgrade prior to 1/1/13.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I know what you're saying. Sprint has gotten itself in a bad position, and they are taking what they think is the best approach to get them out in the long term. I can't defend it, though. :(
  • Brian Heiss From a Public Relations standpoint these are the questions that are answered in a media kit distributed at the event and executives presenting are prepped to answer; especially because it impacts a ton of current customers and anyone that buys a 4G device before LTE devices are available on Sprint.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates All things considered, I thoguht the were more candid than normal. Especially about WiMax.
  • Brian Heiss That is an insightful point regarding their candor; but failing to address and assure current and potential customers that their WiMax devices will provide them with 4G coverage for the duration of the customer's 2 year contact is a major issue and, if reported mainstream, would cause Sprint Android sales to dramatically drop and effectively push customers to the iPhone.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Brian - Agreed. They better hope it drives people to the iPhone, and not another carrier!

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Q: If LS2 falls apart, how are you going to get the cash for more spectrum?

A: Multi-modal capabilities.

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates So they think they have more partner opportunities beyond LightSquared.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Q: Are you dissing Android now that you are in bed with Apple? What gives?

A: We love Apple. But, just because I have a new mistress doesn't mean I'm leaving my wife. She comes from a rich family!

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates OK...I took A LOT of ARTISTIC LICENSE with that one!
  • Jason Reuschlein That was a really really dumb question
  • Jerald Whitaker lol
  • Jason Reuschlein Just like um AT&T dumped everything else after the iPhone, right?
  • Abram Wenevermet Dennis A buggy family
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates It was dumb! Basically, Sprint will carry everything it thinks it can sell. DUH!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
  • DAN HESSE: We are doing all of our long term planning without LightSquared. If LS2 comes on board, it's just even better!
  • Joshua McDaniel likes this.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I'm glad to hear that. If they were counting on LS2, it could be disastrous. I think Sprint has learned their lesson with counting on partnerships after Clearwire.
  • Jason Robinson Agree
  • Brad Moses OMG someone ask about rev b already!!!!!!
  • Joshua McDaniel I'm glad to hear this too.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Brad...that is the big question remaining at this point, huh?
  • Jerald Whitaker These things are always about money and shareholder value more so than satisfying us dorks that fidget over technology acronyms. I'll say though this one has been more tech oriented than most I've sat through.
  • Michael Yim I don't suppose we have anyone who can ask the questions on the inside at all... Didn't they have any way to have remote feedback incorporated?
  • Brandon Gleaton So. If rev b comes will that improve current 3g speeds?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Sprint investors tend to be a little more geeky than your average investor.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates ‎Michael Yim - not a s far as I know. :(

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Q: LightSquared. Why don't you think you need them? Why don't you think you need Clearwire.

A: We can go through 2014 on our own spectrum. Hopefully by 2015 we can join with LS2. However, because of Network Vision, we may have other opportunities to increase our spectrum. (Think DISH Network)

  • Jerald Whitaker Or the upcoming TV freespace auction that the FCC is putting together
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Yup!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
  • Q: Can Clearwire continue as a growing concern? What about the Evo customers?
  • A: We will continue selling WiMax devices until June 2012. Clearwire is going to LTE too. You will have to ask Clearwire specifically about THEIR WiMax network.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates We have nothing to announce with Clearwire through 2012.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates And watch their stock sink even lower!!!
  • Jerald Whitaker Dan Hesse just took a dump on Clearwire
  • Richard Reyna The agreement for Sprint to use Clearwire's wimax lasts through 2012 also.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I can see Clearwire still coming on board. But it will be on Sprint's terms. They just told Clearwire, WE DONT NEED YOU!!!
  • Richard Reyna Well in all fairness. Clearwire kind of said that to Sprint when they decided not to continue expanding wimax.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Very true, Richard!
  • Brent David Clearwire's Stock just took a dive
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates It's going to be a lot harder to raise money after Sprint's announcement, unless it was a sugar daddy like Dish Network saving them. But I don't think Dish wants 2500 spectrum.
  • Eric Palmer As an EVO user who has yet to see 4G where I live, I feel screwed.
  • Joshua McDaniel I feel screwed too, and now it'll cost a huge fortune to change to an iPhone.
  • Shane Coulter This is bad news.......
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Shane...It's different news to every person depending on where they live, what their devices are, when are they upgrading and what their needs are. For some people, it's bad news. I'm still trying to digest it all.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

LTE is starting on the G Block of 1900. Will add more in 1900 later in other blocks as needed.

  • Joshua McDaniel So much for decent LTE at first. :(
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates It'll be much better performaing than WiMax. The speed will be equal or slightly better. But 1900 coverage and penetration is much better than 2500.
  • Joshua McDaniel Not in my area it isn't.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates It takes a lot less towers at 1900. Makes deployment much faster.
  • Eric Puddy I thought the ideal was in the 700 and 800 and 1200 penetration stunk?
  • Joshua McDaniel I sure hope it will work better. The best signal I get in my house is 3 bars, but most of the time only 2 or 1.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates ‎1900 pentration is not as good as 700 or 800, definitely. But it's tremendously better than 2500. I go to a Sams Club in Santa Fe, NM right next to a WiMax tower. Full WiMax bars at the front door. 10 feet inside...nothing. That's 2500 for you. On 1900, full bars at the front door, walk inside, half bars. And it's totally usable. 90% of full speed. I'll take 1900 LTE over 2500 WiMax, if those are my only two choices.
  • Joshua McDaniel If I could go back to at&t after this whole joke today, I would. But I'm stuck for the long haul I guess. And I like my free premium data thanks to my 25% service discount.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates In the long term, it's going to be fine. 18 to 24 months out, everyone will be happy, except Clearwire stockholders.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

INVESTOR QUESTIONS: Is the iPhone going to make us lots of money? Is it going to save Sprint???

  • Jenna Frickin' Holmberg Ugh. I hate the iphone and am sick of hearing about it! -Jason Reuschlein And they basically didn't really answer
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Not even close to answering it, Jason. :(
  • Jason Reuschlein So I wonder if they really did put a lot of $$ investment into the iPhone. I hope not as much as rumored
  • Richard Reyna I ordered my iphone at 1:30 this morning! I'm so excited even if it did still set me back $471 after the $450 upgrade/discounts.
  • Danny Cooper Ouch, the stock just dived.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Markets liked the basic talk, the details are disheartening.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Q&A TIME!!! This is where I expect the meat!!!

  • Greg Rowland If they comment on them...
  • Celyn Szoke Just tell me speeds and connectivity will improve in SC
  • Greg Rowland ‎...lol at the first guy up complains about the question process.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates They have in the past, where they can.
  • Brad Moses omg enough about the iphone!

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

We have lost 6 fans since the beginning of the conference and beginning live blog. I guess they can't handle all the posts over a short period of time. All these posts will be removed later and posted on a NOTE. Your wall won't be polluted forever.


  • Nolan L. Harper I say keep the blog posts coming
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Just lost another fan. LOL OH well. Maybe they just switched to Verizon? :P

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

JOE EUTENEUER: Roaming reduction through additional geographic expansion/investment.

ME: Yeah!!!

  • Jerald Whitaker Also seeing blurbs on slides about "WiFi offload" as helping. I REALLY REALLY hope that means they're talking about VoIP service for phones like T-Mobile has. It's very nice.
  • Joshua McDaniel Hopefully that means more towers for us rural users.
  • Daves Williams it means wifi calling.....
  • Barry Zeringue I wish some of us could ask Dan some questions right now
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates They are expanding their network in NV. They've said it in the past. Largely focusing where they have the most roaming first.
  • Joshua McDaniel As weak of a signal I have here, I roam a lot of the time, so hurry up Sprint. What was the release time for 800MHz CDMA again/

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

JOE EUTENEUER: We are getting SOME subscriber momentum. We are heading back to where we were in 2006. Betting on iPhone for additional growth. Network Vision, core business and iPhone is where we are betting the farm.

  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Paraphrased, of course.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

JOE EUTENEUER: Network Vision is about $10BN over next 2 years.

ME: Heck, that's only half what you're spending on the iPhone!!!

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

JOE EUTENEUER: We have been criticized for not spending enough on CapEX, but it's not true!!! We've been dumping all our money on Clearwire. That's capex too!

  • Michael Yim They didn't even post T-Mobile as a competitor... hahaha!
  • Jason Robinson Lol

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

JOE EUTENEUER: Regarding Clearwire, really, there is NO update. We will try to figure out what we can do with them in the future.

  • Jerald Whitaker Feh! Liquidate the assets (excluding spectrum if possible) and use the cash to fund NV instead of bond issuance!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I like that line of thinking!

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

JOE EUTENEUER: LightSquared. Held up, but not necessary for future.

ME: It's just a cash cow!!! MOO!!!

  • Jason Robinson There goes LS
  • Jason Robinson There not gonna much work on it for future

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

JOE EUTENEUER: Sprint is counting on subscriber growth. Expect strong return on investment for Network Vision.

  • No comments

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

REMINDER: During Live Blog of conference, wall posts by users are being blocked and removed. Sorry. Wall posting will return after conference.

  • No comments

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

FARED ADIB: First LTE dual mode CDMA devices mid next year (2012). Tablets, Smartphones, expect it all!

  • Eric Murine Only Wimax/LTE chips in hotspots.....grrr
  • Greg Rowland I only see it as a problem (for me anyway) if they don't roll out LTE in exisiting WiMax markets.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Eric...agreed.
  • Jason Robinson Why sale Wimax devices if Wimax is not gonna much be used
  • Jason Robinson Waste of money
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates They gotta sell something. But I agree!
  • Jason Robinson Newbies arent gonna know any better an waste there upgrade on a Wimax device
  • Jason Robinson What are they saying now or talking. About
  • Danny Cooper It's like the suckers that are going to buy the iPhone 4, or even worse, the 3GS on AT&T.
  • Kevin Sundby sprint better be providing free upgrades to LTE to us loyal customers.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Kevin...that won't happen. I think the best to be expecting is an upgrade at contract price for those still on contract when LTE devices come out. Sprint can't afford free devices.
  • Kevin Sundby I am ok with that.... but I get an upgrade in January and do not want to wait until LTE devices start showing up....
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Yeah, it sounds like the earliest for LTE devices at this point is Summer 2012.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

FARED ADIB: We are still going to dump WiMax on customers (even though it's dying)

  • Jerald Whitaker CDMA/WiMax/LTE only on hotspot devices
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Yeah. It sounds like no WiMax/LTE smartphones. Probably a battery drain.
  • Jeff Keyseear Did he use the word " dump"?

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

FARED ADIB: We're looking at HD Voice. Looking at LTE Advanced. We're dreaming big!!!

  • Greg Rowland Which seems to mean that they won't be rolling out LTE Advanced right away.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Correct, Greg. :(

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

FARED ADIB: 1xAdvanced will be in 2012 devices. (I guess that no 2011 devices support 1xA).

  • Kendrick Allen i maybe slow on this, but please explain 1xA?
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates I will at the end, unless someone else wants to jump in...
  • Jerald Whitaker It users spectrum more efficiently than current CDMA tech. So more users per channel per tower in each cell.
  • Trisha Langford Sims Being able to offer voice over 800 MHz
  • Daves Williams http://images.scribb...972ac66b91d.jpg rev. b
  • Kendrick Allen thanks!
  • Joshua McDaniel Whoa! Rev B?! Awesome!
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Did I miss something? I didn't hear Revision B.
  • Joshua McDaniel It was printed on the picture linked above as well as 1xadvanced.
  • Karl Zeyher ‎1xA allows simultaneous voice/data no? it also has faster data than standard 1x. more data = better voice quality. not sure what else it brings?
  • Greg Rowland Right, the SoCs in the picture are capable of it, but it would need to be implemented on Sprint's end as well, so unfortunately, it's not the confirmation that we've all been hoping for.
  • Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Really, Joshua. I missed that. I can't download and look at it until the end!! DOH!!!


Click here for Part Two...


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