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New iPhone 5 LTE coming in October as Sprint Exclusive?



blog-0258136001329026888.jpgby Robert Herron
Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
Friday, January 20, 2012 - 1:09 PM MST


It's a slow Sprint 4G news day. So I have been saving this write up for just such a moment. We don't want to get stale and boring here at Sprint 4G Rollout Updates. Even if it means delving into the hysterical world of fantastical rumors.

A week ago, the Kansas City Business Journal broke with a story about the possibility of Sprint getting an exclusive shot to first carry the iPhone 5 with LTE. Of course, this is all rumor and conjecture. However, if you listen to the analyst Shing Yin of Guggenheim Partners he may be able to convince you otherwise. But there are many Art Bell supporters who believe in aliens too.

One of the key points cited to help support such a wild claim is the incredibly high price Sprint is paying for the iPhone. Many folks cannot fathom Sprint would pay so much without an opportunity of an exclusive release at some point. Yet the idea of Sprint getting an exclusive Apple launch product is just too much for many to even begin to comprehend.

Given the immature state that Sprint's LTE network will be in come October when the iPhone 5 is anticipated to be released, it just seems very implausible that Apple would chose Sprint as an iPhone LTE launch customer alone.

That all being said, just prior to release of the iPhone 4S, there were rumors abounding about an iPhone 5 with LTE coming out being exclusive to Sprint. There were some mock-up pictures, case photos, etc. Is it possible the sources were right, but were talking about something a year away? Stay tuned!


Thanks to S4GRU member pyroscott for posting the links in the S4GRU forums.


Source: http://www.bizjourna...get-better.html


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